The Top 10 Shows
  • PaulSachs1Clip

    Paul Sachs, 1st of 2 Shows* — # 10

       Paul Sachs sings “Hank Williams’ Guitar,” “Oswald’s Window,” “I Think About Her Everyday” and “Survival is the New Success” *Recorded in White Plains, New Y...
  • Singer-songwriter, Danielle Patoir from Patoirlove

    Patoirlove* — # 9

      Patoirlove sings “Shaking Hands with Time,” “Face to Face,” “Lost and Found” and “Eyeliner” *Recorded in White Plains, New York, on September 15, 2014 Answer the questions...
  • SimonvanGend1Clip

    Simon van Gend, 1st of 2 Shows — # 8

      Simon van Gend sings “Delivered Alone,” “That Bag of Skin You’re In,” “What’s Up with My Radio” and “Google Song” *Recorded in White Plains, New York, on Septem...
  • Singer-songwriter, Phil Cohen

    Phil Cohen, 1st of 2 Shows — # 7

      Phil Cohen sings “Heart’s Still Young,” “Hang Me Like a Star,” “Untitled,” “Kosciuszko Blues” and “Flew the Coop” *Recorded in White Plains, New York, on ...
  • Singer-songwriter, Nick Deutsch

    Nick Deutsch, 1st of 2 Shows* — # 6

       Nick Deutsch sings “Better Place,” “Run,” “Twenty Something” and “The Good One” *Recorded in White Plains, New York, on August 11, 2014 Answer the questions from the show b...
  • WFClipBlueBckgrnd

    Worthy Fools — # 5

    Worthy Fools on Alive with Clive Worthy Fools represented by Paul Saylor (acoustic guitar and lead vocals), Anna Smith (fiddle and vocals), Ryan DeNardo (bass guitar and vocals), Ben Goldsmith (electric guitar) and Nathaniel...
  • Singer-songwriter, Chloe Collins, on Alive with Clive

    Chloe Collins* — # 4

      Chloe Collins sings “Forget Your Name,” “All Over Again,” “Someone Else’s Heart” and “New Nightmares” *Recorded in White Plains, New York, on May 11, 2015 Answer the...
  • TheOtherShoe1Clip

    The Other Shoe, 1st of 2 Shows* — # 3

      The Other Shoe performs “2X2,” “Too Proud To Break,” “Find Our Way” and “Love Isn’t Built” * Featuring Joseph Perricone (lead vocals and guitar), Janet Montalbo (voc...
  • NanaSetClip

    Nana* — # 2

      Nana sings “I Been Down,” “Blessed Life,” “Standing Tall” and “Fools in Love” * Recorded in White Plains, New York, on February 20, 2015 Answer the questions from the show...
  • Singer-songwriter, Hana Zara

    Hana Zara, 1st of 2 Shows* — # 1

       Hana Zara sings “Dropout Generation,” “New World Order,” “You Burnt the Toast” and “Murcia” *Recorded in White Plains, New York, on September 8, 2014 Answer the questions from the show below to enter the ...
The 1st Alive with Clive Top 20
  • DanSheehanRS
  • TristianLuysterburgEA
  • ScottKrokoffABL
  • Cassandra Kubinski
  • Lisa Redford
  • Serotonin
  • Anthony Melillo
  • KylieEdmondONN
  • Joe Venice
  • JessicaLabusBS
  • AllisonScolaFII
  • Irena Makarchuk
  • RobertRandallROTB
  • JasonGisserWOAA
  • Tamra Hayden
  • JoeTraversWL
  • ScottUrgolaDon't
  • JeneenTerranaMC
  • Daniel Angelus
  • ZERENAHplss

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