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Dani Elise, "Woman"

Dani Elise Follows Up On “Religion” with “Woman,” an Anthem to Empower Women Around the World!

If songs were buildings, most would be like houses or office buildings that don’t really stand out too much from one another. There are some songs, though, that have made such an indelible impression on the collective conscio...

Kate Mills at Rockwood Music Hall, September 10, 2019

Kate Mills Shines At Her Homecoming Show at Rockwood Music Hall on September 10, 2019

While you can’t “Outrun the Night,” as Kate Mills sings in one of her newest songs, the night becomes immensely enjoyable if you’re spending it at a concert at Rockwood Music Hall to hear Kate sing her songs! Over the p...

Alive with Clive alum, DANI

A Tribute To Talented, Courageous And Inspiring Singer-Songwriter, Dani Elise!

Of the hundreds of songs that have been performed on Alive with Clive since the inception of the show over a decade ago, one of the most memorable is the song, “Religion” (inspired by John Lennon’s “Imagine̶...

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