Agitating for a Paradigm Shift: “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara

Posted March 2, 2017 by cliveswersky in News

As noted on Wikipedia, in an interview with Idolator’s Mike Wass, Cara said this about “Scars To Your Beautiful”:

“Basically, [the] song is about body image. It’s directed at women, but I think men can relate to it as well. It’s just a song about these things that certain women go through on a daily basis in order to feel loved or in order to love themselves. I think that’s such a thing that goes on in today’s world. These weird things are instilled in us. You know? That tell us that we’re not good enough or that there’s only one kind of beauty. This song basically is contradicting that idea. It’s saying, ‘Well, if the world doesn’t like how you look then they should change. They should change their perspective. You don’t have to change yourself.’ I mean, I thought that that was important, you know, just to put out next. Especially because I think that’s kind of the direction we’re going in, you know, with ‘Here’. ‘Here’ was about not belonging anywhere and ‘Wild Things’ was about finding a space you belong. Now ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ is basically about embracing yourself and finally coming to that conclusion where you feel love and you can love yourself. . . . The point of the song is to reach as many women, or people, as possible.”

Lyrics to ‘Scars To Your Beautiful’ by Alessia Cara

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