Agitating for a Paradigm Shift: “Sit Still, Look Pretty” by Daya

Posted March 2, 2017 by cliveswersky in News

As noted on Wikipedia:

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Daya had this to say about “Sit Still, Look Pretty”:

“It’s about being a girl that goes after her own dreams and really fights for what she wants, and not letting anyone get in the way of that. It’s important for young girls to know that they don’t have to act a certain way or depend on someone for happiness. They can find all of that within themselves.”

In an interview with Idolator, Daya also said:

“I think it’s just about not being an accessory for someone else. Just having your own dreams and goals. Going after them and not having to always try to please someone.”

Lyrics to ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’ by Daya

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