On Alive with Clive, American Idol Farewell Season Finalist, Drew Angus, Sings Songs That Make Us Feel Glad Even Though He’s Been Sad!

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In two recent shows on Alive with Clive, American Idol Farewell Season Finalist, Drew Angus, adroitly accompanied by drummer and percussionist, Spencer Inch, performed eight of his songs.

1st Show 2nd Show
  1. “Smokescreen”
  2. “Brother”
  3. “Always”
  4. “Still No Fire”
  1. “I Wish the World for You”
  2. “Wrecking Ball”
  3. “I Can’t Wait Until the Summer Comes”
  4. “Something Crazy”

While several of his songs are about relationships, in “Brother” he sings about his brother’s challenges with addiction, and from “Wrecking Ball” we learn about the mental anguish he experienced when the home in which he was raised was demolished.

Drew Angus with Spencer Inch on Alive with Clive, 2nd of 2 Shows

Drew Angus with Spencer Inch on Alive with Clive

What has him stand out from the crowd, though, is that he has the distinct ability to create songs that make us feel glad even though he’s been sad.

This trait is especially apparent in “Always” in which he sings about a relationship that didn’t blossom, and in “I Can’t Wait Until the Summer Comes,” a song about feeling the blues in the winter.

Rather than sing these sad songs with a somber tone and melody, they have all the characteristics of upbeat uplifting songs, so when you listen to them you’re likely to find that your brain doesn’t know whether to release chemicals associated with sadness or gladness!

Competent, professional, and an all-round great guy with immense talent who isn’t hesitant about pouring his heart out in his songs, after you watch Drew’s shows on Alive with Clive you’re destined to become another one of his ardent fans.

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