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"Airborne" by Nina Lee

A Very Special Song of Remembrance for Memorial Day — “Airborne” by Nina Lee

It’s been almost exactly four months to the day since this picture was taken on the set of Alive with Clive on January 26, 2018, with Nina Lee, her dad, Andy Lee, and her maternal grandfather, Stephen Schnabel: In a whirl...

"Spark" by He-Bird, She-Bird on Alive with Clive

A Song to Inspire You to Achieve Your Dream — “Spark” by He-Bird, She-Bird

It’s one thing to have a spark of inspiration for a great vision or an aspiration you have for yourself and your life. In a world of doubters, critics, skeptics, naysayers, resignation and cynicism, however, it’s qu...

Carolee Rainey, "Listen to the River Sound"

A Song for Serenity and Your Soul — “Listen to the River Sound” by Carolee Rainey

Inspired by Big Sur, California, Carolee Rainey’s soulfully-stirring yet soothing song, “Listen to the River Sound,” from her debut album, Feel Fearless, is a song with universal appeal that builds a bridge fo...

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