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Jackie Paladino with Thayer Naples, 2nd of 2 Shows on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive: Captivating and Talented Singer-Songwriter and Actress, Jackie Paladino, Sings about Relationships and Challenges She Has Overcome to Feel Like Being on “Top of the World!”

Through autobiographical songs about conflicts within her own family and in other relationships, we glean that the journey through life for Jackie Paladino so far has not been smooth and uneventful. That journey, though, combin...

On Alive with Clive: With Prolific Poetry, Majestic Melodies and Stimulating Self-Expression Mike O’Malley + Beastie Band Shines a Spotlight on Toxic Masculinity and Other Intriguing Aspects of the Human Experience!

If you like bands that cause you to sit up, pay attention, feel invigorated and think about life in new ways, you’ll most definitely love Mike O’Malley + Beastie Band! With energetic, engaging, erudite and eloquent frontman...

Nina Lee, 2nd of 2 Shows on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive: With Her Extraordinary Voice, Singing and Songs, and Her Dad by Her Side, Magnificent Singer-Songwriter, Nina Lee, Invigorates with Love, Light and Inspiration!

After you’ve seen Nina Lee perform and after you absorb the lyrics to her songs, if you allow your mind to wander, it’s quite possible that you too might think of the Statue of Liberty and George Bernard Shaw’s famous quo...

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