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Nico Padden, What I Need to Know

On Alive with Clive, Inspiring Singer-Songwriter, Nico Padden, Makes Her Mark with “Invisible War,” “Go” and Six Stirring Songs from Her CD, A Light in the Dark!

What you need to know about Nico Padden is that she is one captivating singer-songwriter who is destined to inspire you with her self-expression, power, talent and grace! A native of Long Island, NY, and the daughter of parents...

On Alive with Clive, with Empowering Songs from Rising Rising Rising, Dynamic Singer-Songwriter, Rorie Kelly, Speaks Her Mind and Bares Her Soul while Singing Her Heart Out!

She’s been described as “a small redheaded tornado of sound.” Her aggressive acoustic guitar style complements raw, powerhouse vocals to pack a serious punch. Now, the songs that have been building up inside this “Lady ...

Lonesome Zak & The Reverend Todd B. on Alive with Clive, 1st of 2 Shows

On Alive with Clive, With His Love of Music and Its Heritage, His Imaginative Lyrics, and His Passion to Perform, Zachary Kee a/k/a Lonesome Zak from Lonesome Zak & The Reverend Todd B. Rekindles Memories of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley

Although not yet 30, Lonesome Zak, who grew up in Texas and is now based in South Carolina, has been immersed in music for more than 25 years. On Alive with Clive he shared that he was raised on a melting pot of different music...

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