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Do You Know What A “Winline” Is?

Hi Friends: Several years ago it was brought to my attention that our lives are governed to a considerable degree if not completely by the conversations of people who have been dead for hundreds of years. I also learned that wh...

What Happened After I Hit The Grocery Jackpot at Trader Joe’s!

Hi Friends: As you know, I officially launched The Alive with Clive Crowdfunding Campaign of 2016 (The AWC CFC16 #awccfc16) yesterday morning with the publication of the Blog post with the title, Shouldn’t We Simply Ignore S...

Shouldn’t We Simply Ignore Singer-Songwriters?

Hi Friends: Do we really need singer-songwriters? Can’t we simply ignore them so that they disappear? The world would certainly be a lot more quiet without them — so quiet, though, that you’d be able to turn on your ...

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