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Clive Swersky with Will Leet

The Will to Perform Enchanting and Poetically Thought-Provoking Songs: From Instant Treeline, Meet Will Leet!

Hi Friends: A look back on the formative years in the blossoming music career of Will Leet, the performing founder and lead vocalist of the band, Instant Treeline, will reveal that three milestones have put him on his current p...

New Year Comin' by Cassandra Kubinski

New from Cassandra Kubinski: “New Year Comin'” — The Perfect Song To Be Hearing On The Radio All December Long!

Hi Friends: Only if you spend your life living under a rock will you not know that there’s a New Year Comin’! What you may not know, though, is that Cassandra Kubinski,* who is now moving up the Billboard Heatseeker...

"Genesis" by Patryk Larney

“Genesis” by Patryk Larney

It was 2 a.m. in New York City, and Patryk Larney was on his way home after a gig when a distraught woman who was sobbing uncontrollaby sat down across from him on the subway car he had been occupying on his own. Soon thereafte...

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