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New Jersey Can Be Proud of Yet Another Outstanding Singer-Songwriter — Matt Colligan!

Hello Friends: What is it about New Jersey that is responsible for producing so many great singer-songwriters? Is it the water? Is it the air? Or is it the culture? Whatever it is, over the past few decades it has produced a lo...

“I Can’t Call You Mine” by Esteban Rivera

  When Esteban Rivera was on Alive with Clive in November of 2012, the 3rd of 4 songs he performed was “I Can’t Call You Mine,” a song about the agony of wanting to be in love but so hurt by past disappoi...

Robert Gillies | "LA Rain"

“LA Rain” by Robert Gillies

It’s inspiring to see all that has occurred and all that is transpiring in the life of blossoming singer-songwriter, Robert Gillies, since his appearance on Alive with Clive in November, 2012. After the release in 2011 of...

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