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“Sun, Rum and Rain” by Rick Nestler

Combine a seasoned sailor who is also a singer-songwriter who sailed to the Caribbean from Connecticut in a 95-foot schooner with fellow sailors . . . and a West Indies breakfast consisting of a handful of cornflakes and a bott...

"Another Moment" by Paul Sforza

“Another Moment” by Paul Sforza

If you’ve ever been concerned that time may be passing too quickly for you to get the most out of your life, click here to see “Another Moment,” a song Paul Sforza performed on Alive with Clive with Rob Hall t...

"Book Upon My Shelf" by Christine Sweeney on Alive with Clive

“Book Upon My Shelf” by Christine Sweeney

With “Book Upon My Shelf,” a song that expresses a desire for intimate connection where that is missing from a relationship, Christine Sweeney gives us a marvelous demonstration of her dynamic bluesy rock side on Al...

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