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Lonesome Zak & The Reverend Todd B. on Alive with Clive, 1st of 2 Shows

On Alive with Clive, With His Love of Music and Its Heritage, His Imaginative Lyrics, and His Passion to Perform, Zachary Kee a/k/a Lonesome Zak from Lonesome Zak & The Reverend Todd B. Rekindles Memories of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley

Although not yet 30, Lonesome Zak, who grew up in Texas and is now based in South Carolina, has been immersed in music for more than 25 years. On Alive with Clive he shared that he was raised on a melting pot of different music...

Markeisha Ensley in her 4th of 4 Shows on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive, Markeisha Ensley Radiates Poise, Grace, Elegance and Excellence with Songs from Her Heart!

Combining the flavors of gospel, jazz and soul as her sultry voice melts over soaring melodies, in another two recent appearances on Alive with Clive Markeisha Ensley showed us how she strikes an uplifting groove with her disti...

Four Noteworthy Recent Songs that Agitate for a Shift in Established Paradigms in Our Culture

Hello Friends: If you pay attention to the content of the lyrics in songs, many of them, you will no doubt have noted, deal with different aspects of relationships. To make it easier to navigate through and enjoy the video clip...

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