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"Back to the Middle" by Marta Pacek on Alive with Clive

“Back to the Middle” by Marta Pacek

Back in December of 2012, when Marta Pacek introduced her song, “Back to the Middle,” on Alive with Clive, she said it was about the sacrifices, like traveling and being away from home, a musician has to make to pur...

New Jersey Can Be Proud of Yet Another Outstanding Singer-Songwriter — Matt Colligan!

Hello Friends: What is it about New Jersey that is responsible for producing so many great singer-songwriters? Is it the water? Is it the air? Or is it the culture? Whatever it is, over the past few decades it has produced a lo...

“I Can’t Call You Mine” by Esteban Rivera

  When Esteban Rivera was on Alive with Clive in November of 2012, the 3rd of 4 songs he performed was “I Can’t Call You Mine,” a song about the agony of wanting to be in love but so hurt by past disappoi...

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