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Mark Shock - "In June" on Alive with Clive

A Song about Simple Joys of Summer — “In June” by Mark Shock

For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere and experience summer in June, June generally represents liberation from overcast skies that are characteristic of colder preceding months. On a grey day in March a few years ago, e...

Jackie Paladino - "Love in War" on Alive with Clive

A Song about Conflict in Love — “Love in War” by Jackie Paladino

Songs imbued with conflict and emotion create tension, intrigue, and suspense. For “Love in War” — a song with an intoxicating mixture of love, passion, vengeance and compassion, by fiercely-talented model, ac...

Blue Alien Mystic on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive: With a Fusion of Alternative Rock Influences Powered by Alien Intelligence and Earthly Ancestral Wisdom, Impressive Blue Alien Mystic Creates a Musical Experience That Is Simply Terrific!

When you first encounter Blue Alien Mystic, the first word that comes to mind is . . . You instantly become intrigued. . . And you develop a yearning to discover what this band is all about, . . . Just like an explorer wanting ...

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