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Katie Garringer, 1st Show on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive: “Come Take a Ride” with Classically-Trained Singer-Songwriter, Katie Garringer, and She Will Not Only Inspire You to Find the Courage to Fulfill Your Dreams, But Also Bedazzle You As She Sings Her Song “Kerosene” on Her Ukulele with Only Three Strings!

“The day had come for her to spread her wings, So she opened them up and she prepared for the jump Before she flew, she turned her eyes to the sky And said ‘I’ll see you soon’ and off of the edge she fle...

Danny Fishman, 2nd Show on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive, After a Courageous Shift in Mindset to Pursue Music, Singer-Songwriter Danny Fishman Demonstrates Inspiring Progress on His Journey to Self-Discovery and Self-Actualization!

When you reflect upon your life, and you ask yourself the question: “Am I doing what I really want to be doing with my life?” it would be good for you to know about these two people: -> Bronnie Ware, an author; and ->...

Wilson Harwood on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive: Polished and Professional Singer-Songwriter, Award-Winning Banjoist and Music Producer, Wilson Harwood, Distinguishes Himself with Deft Banjo-Playing and Songs That Inspire!

“We left behind all our reservations, and took the invitation to let the heart speak louder than the mind…. “I wouldn’t trade my trail of troubles for a path of ease. It took everything I had in me to find this ...

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