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Arielle Eden on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive: Invigorating and Inspiring Singer-Songwriter, Arielle Eden, Shows She’s Set to Soar with a Sound and Songs Music Fans Are Sure to Adore!

When Arielle Eden was growing up, dancing, songwriting, and singing were portals to pass through, allowing her to celebrate the moment and transcend reality. Years later, health challenges that, at times, prevented her from wal...

Chuck Ramsey on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive: The Metamorphosis of Talented and Inspiring Singer-Songwriter, Chuck Ramsey — from Quiet, Reserved and Introverted to Dynamic, Exciting and Fully Self-Expressed — Continues to Gain Momentum!

Are extroverts born extroverts, or do they become extroverts over time? Are introverts extroverts who’ve retracted to become introverts or merely put their extrovertness in suspense for a while? Or are extroverts introver...

Flounder Warehouse on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive: Bringing Elegance, Grace, Polish and Pizzazz to Singing and Songwriting, Flounder Warehouse represented by Talented Band Founder Seann Cantatore Single-Handedly Gives Birth to a Stylish New Genre of Music – Jazz with Swaggitude!

When you first experience the performance of the songs created by Seann Cantatore, founder of the band, Flounder Warehouse, for the band, you’re bound to agree that these four descriptive nouns mentioned in the headline to de...

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