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Jackie Paladino - "Love in War" on Alive with Clive

A Song about Conflict in Love — “Love in War” by Jackie Paladino

Songs imbued with conflict and emotion create tension, intrigue, and suspense. For “Love in War” — a song with an intoxicating mixture of love, passion, vengeance and compassion, by fiercely-talented model, ac...

Blue Alien Mystic on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive: With a Fusion of Alternative Rock Influences Powered by Alien Intelligence and Earthly Ancestral Wisdom, Impressive Blue Alien Mystic Creates a Musical Experience That Is Simply Terrific!

When you first encounter Blue Alien Mystic, the first word that comes to mind is . . . You instantly become intrigued. . . And you develop a yearning to discover what this band is all about, . . . Just like an explorer wanting ...

Snippet: Danny Fishman, Flying Blind

The Catchy Debut Single Music Lovers Are Loving — “Flying Blind” by Danny Fishman

Since it’s release on May 25, 2018, “Flying Blind,” the debut single from Danny Fishman, has been flying! Within two weeks of its release on May 25, it had already notched up more than 12,750 streams on Spotif...

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