Prizes in the Current Alive with Clive Quarterly Contest

Hello and Welcome:

To win ALL of these Prizes, watch one or more of the shows on This Week on Alive with Clive by 10 p.m. Eastern time on the Wednesday of the week in which the Contest ends, and submit your answers to the five questions relating to each show you watch.

The Current Contest will end as soon as all the sponsors for the upcoming 1st Alive with Clive Quest for the Best Song Contest are in place.  After you enter the Contest, you will be notified by email when The Current Contest will end and The 1st Alive with Clive Quest for the Best Song Contest will begin.

To see This Week on Alive with Clive and enter to win, click here!


A Set of 4 Alive with Clive Mugs from the Alive with Clive Gift Store


The CD, Songs from a Tenement, by Brendan O’Shea


The CD, Be Here Still, by Brendan O’Shea


The CD, In the Light, by Brendan O’Shea


Download three CDs from Niall Connolly


The CD, Just Being Myself, by Cassandra Kubinski


The CD, Live at Camp Nashville, by Cassandra Kubinski


The CD, Hold the Sun, by Cassandra Kubinski


The CD, Silence Of The Night, by Fred Gillen Jr.


The CD, Coney Island, by Fred Gillen Jr.


The CD, Gone Gone Gone, by Fred Gillen Jr.


A gift card for use at for $100!

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