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Karma Darwin on Alive with Clive, 2nd of 2 Shows

Karma Darwin, 2nd of 2 Shows* — available for viewing below until it is replaced by the next show


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Karma Darwin (featuring Alex Peterson and Drew Stubbs-Stroud, on guitars and vocals, John “Nooge” Newton on bass and backup vocals, and Ryan Lowry on drums) performs “The Face of the Earth,” “Waiting for Sunrise,” “We Are the Ones” and “Mother of a King”

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To enter the Contest, from the show below answer these five questions . . .
Question # 1
After the first song in this show, I said the music of Karma Darwin is a “collective influence fest.” True or False?
Question # 2
During this show, did we discuss the weather in the afternoon at the 2016 Pleasantville Music Festival? Yes or No
Question # 3
Alex said “Mother of a King” was inspired by an article about the mother of King Felipe VI of Spain. True or False?
Question # 4
Did Drew mention that he and Alex went to karate together when they were kids? Yes or No
Question # 5
Alex said that he also still listens to songs by Whitney Houston. True or False?

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* Recorded on June 19, 2017, in White Plains, New York

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  • For every five entries in the first 25 entries submitted by different individuals, one person will win one of the few remaining Alive with Clive Mugs that exist today with the previous Alive with Clive logo — soon to be a treasured collector’s item (see below)!
One of the few remaining Alive with Clive Mugs with the current Alive with Clive logo

Enter the contest today to win one of the few remaining Alive with Clive Mugs with the previous Alive with Clive logo — soon to be a treasured collector’s item!

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