A Few Noteworthy Items from Alive with Clive

Hello Friends:

Here are a few noteworthy items from the past couple of weeks from the world of Alive with Clive, and my journey of exploration in life:

1.      Catch the Health Wave Benefit

The Catch the Health Wave event for the benefit of Ripple Effect Artists and Gilda’s Club New York City I mentioned in my previous post took place in Manhattan this past Saturday, and it was rip-roaring success! 

Congratulations to:

·         Jessie Fahay (http://rippleeffectartists.com);  

·         Regina Rossi (Zumba instructor extraordinaire!) (http://reginarossi.zumba.com/);

·         Hal Eisenberg from Windows of Opportunity Inc. – Barbara Harmon Institute (http://wooinc.org) and

everyone else who made it happen! 

And it sure was great to see so many of my friends there, including:

·         Josh Lamothe from Grassroots Consulting (http://grassrootsconsult.com/), who played a major role in the recent upgrade of the Web site for Alive with Clive; 

·         Kathleen Day from Life Smith University (http://lifesmithu.com);

·         Lori Denman from organic dark chocolate company, Brooklyn Dark (http://brooklyndark.com);

·         Kathleen Raymond and Wayne Gabari, representing ASEA (http://globalhealings.org); and

·         Diane Pratt, a certified grief coach (http://phoenix4lifecoaching.com);  

as well as two of my favorite singer-songwriters who’ve been guests on Alive with Clive:

·         Jeneen Terrana (http://jeneenterrana.com); and

·         Anne Margaret-Redding (http://raisethevibration.com),

who both played songs I love to hear!

I encourage you to visit the Web sites mentioned above to find out what everyone has to offer.

Here’s the clip from Alive with Clive a few years ago featuring Jeneen singing one of her songs you can never hear too often, “My Creation”:

I also recommend you see the clip of another one of Jeneen’s songs she also performed at the event, “New Book,” which you’ll find here

And here’s a clip from Alive with Clive of “Live In Love,” which Anne-Margaret performed at the event:

2.      The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza

For now, I’m proceeding on the basis that there are these two ways to generate the $10,000 for charities, and funds to obtain the prizes, so that The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza can happen soon:

1.    Have 10 sponsors organized in the following hierarchy:

a.    Platinum – 1 at $10,000

b.    Gold – 2 at $5,000

c.    Silver – 3 at $2,000

d.    Bronze – 4 at $1,000

2.    Do a crowdfunding campaign through a crowdfunding site like indiegogo or through my own efforts to raise $30,000 to cover expenses, prizes, arrangements for future Extravaganzas, and the contribution to the charities.

While I want to make the endeavor as interactive as possible so as to generate the most value and fun for all concerned, I’m going to begin with a crowdfunding campaign through my own efforts.  In due course I’ll consider a crowdfunding campaign through indiegogo or one of the other crowdfunding sites, and sponsors continue to be welcome to apply for any of the sponsor slots that are available.

Within the next couple of weeks, therefore, you’ll be receiving an email from me to let you know how you can participate in the crowdfunding campaign I am creating to raise the funds for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza.

In the meantime, if you represent a charity that would like to participate in the Extravaganza, please submit the information requested through the form at https://alivewithclive.tv/for-charities.  And if you represent a corporation that would like to apply for one of the sponsor slots, please submit the information requested through the form at https://alivewithclive.tv/be-a-sponsor.

3.    The 11 Forgotten Laws

I’ve been continuing to listen to The 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey over the past few weeks, and I gain valuable insights for immediate application in my life every time I listen to each section.  If you want to replace negative disempowering chatter in your head with uplifting, empowering and inspiring thoughts to keep you focused on producing the results you want for yourself and your life, I highly recommend you acquire the program and listen to it as often as possible. You’ll find it when you click here.

4.    Mind Movies

I had the good fortune to participate in a Webinar hosted by Natalie Ledwell, author of Never In Your Wildest Dreams and the creator of Mind Movies, this past Thursday night.  While I’ve known about Mind Movies for several years, so far I have not given them the attention they so clearly deserve.  We’ve all heard of using vision boards to design our futures.  Mind Movies take vision boards to the next level, and then some!  Plus Natalie has created a program called Mind Movies Matrix with material from world-renowned brain entrainment specialist, Morry Zelcovitch.  If you’re seeking an edge to accelerate the realization of your goals and want to remove subconscious barriers to your fullest self-expression, you’ll definitely want to find out all that Natalie has in store for you.

To sign up for the Webinar that Natalie presents about Mind Movies Matrix, click here.

5.    This Week on Alive with Clive

On This Week on Alive with Clive, I feature another outstanding singer-songwriter, Mike Delledera, from Mike Delledera Band. 

Singer-songwriter, Mike Delledera, from Mike Delledera Band

Singer-songwriter, Mike Delledera, from Mike Delledera Band

During his show, Mike performed four songs, “Silver Ruby Diamond Blues,” “Bounce,” “Zen,” and “The Music Echoes On,” which reflect influences from a broad range of differing genres, from the band’s recently-released album with the intriguing title, WakeUpSideDowntown.  And, for those of you who like to hear what I have to say in my Words of Wisdom segment, I provide you with a new way to resolve any challenge you may be facing.

In addition, after you watch the show, if you take a moment to submit correct answers to the five questions from the show in the contest, you could be the one to win ALL the Prizes!

You’ll find the show here.

OK, that’s all for now, folks.

Be on the lookout for my next email in which I’ll be providing you with more information about the crowdfunding campaign I’m creating to raise the funds for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza. 

You are going to LOVE it!

Have an extraordinary weekend!

Best regards.


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