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Hi Friends:

A few weeks ago, I read an excellent article in Forbes by Natalie Sisson about crowdfunding, Five Keys To Creating A Winning Campaign Using Crowdfunding.

To read the article, click here.

In the article, Ms. Sisson described five different successful crowdfunding campaigns, and then provided the five keys to creating a winning campaign using crowdfunding.

Since I love to create acronyms and rhymes, I’ve formed an acronym and rhyme to help me and you remember what you must do for your crowdfunding campaign to be successful, and here it is:

For your crowdfunding campaign to be superb, it must have SHURB!

With reference to Ms. Sisson’s five keys . . .

The S in SHURB stands for Story:

1.  Translate your dream into a story people can buy into and fully support – create a movement.

The H in SHURB stands for Help:

2.  Enlist the help of those nearest and dearest to you and a few key influential people to get you started.

The U stands for Updates:

3.  Continue to update people on your progress through the platform you’re using and any other means possible (YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog, your newsletter, other people’s blogs, PR outlets – the sky is your limit).

The R stands for Rewards:

4.  Create meaningful rewards that people want to get hold of – scarcity, exclusiveness and uniqueness all help in making them more attractive to potential pledgers.

And the B stands for BIG:

5.  Go big or go home. Most crowdfunding projects are asking for larger monetary amounts these days, which means the risk is higher to ensure it succeeds so your project gets backed. At the same time that seems to be the reason most people get behind it – the sheer scale and vision of making these dreams a reality.

Now, first, I want to commend and thank Ms. Sisson for providing such an excellent summary for success with her five keys!

Second, as I determine the degree to which I have been implementing the five keys in the crowdfunding campaign I am currently conducting for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Extravaganza, I am aware of enhancements to be made, and am now taking steps to make those enhancements to bolster the campaign.

In particular, as I reflect upon these five keys, I’d give myself a mid-level grade for the first, third and fourth keys, and so far I realize I’ve done hardly anything to implement the second key.

As you might recall, I outlined the story to create a movement with this video about the fascinating riddle and the relatively-untapped force:

So, with this Blog post, I am now implementing a plan to enlist the help of those nearest and dearest to me, including a few influential people, i.e., YOU, to get me started.

The key that has been reverberating in my thoughts the most ever since I first read Ms. Sisson’s article, though, is the fifth key, since it is the one with the 5 words that rocked my world – go big or go home!

In particular, it has caused me to question whether the Extravaganza I’ve created is exciting enough to attract the attention and interest of people who, like me, want singer-songwriters and charities to flourish.

So, a few days ago I remembered an epiphany I had a couple of years ago about doubling funds raised on a daily basis, and as a result created this chart:


It then dawned on me that if 10,000 people can be inspired to contribute no more than $10 each, together we can make a real difference and have an appreciable impact.

That led me to create a


to the crowdfunding campaign and The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza, and increase the amount I’m now seeking to raise from $30,000 to more than $100,000 so more than $80,000 can be given to charities.

It also led me to publish this Press Release with the headline:

The K in The Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza Just Took On New Meaning

To see this Press Release, click here.

And the slogan for this new movement is:

10 Dollars. 10 Minutes. 10 Friends. 10K

To spread the word about this new objective, I’ve created the text below, and am requesting that you please take 10 Minutes to copy it and paste it in emails you send to at least 10 Friends so that together we can cause at least 10,000 people to participate in the crowdfunding campaign for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza as soon as possible:

Hi _______:

To provide more than $80,000 to charities and give today’s top singer-songwriters featured on Alive with Clive much more exposure, Clive Swersky, Host and Producer of Alive with Clive, wants to raise more than $100,000 in The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza by 11.59 p.m. Pacific time on November 30, 2014.

To do so, he would like at least 10,000 people each to contribute $10 or more in the crowdfunding campaign he has created at https://alivewithclive.tv/awc-10ke-offerings.

If you like what you see there, you might want to benefit from one or more of the offerings and contribute more than $10. No matter what amount you contribute, you’ll receive free access to his new $47 E-Course, 7 Secrets To Achieve Any Dream You Set For Yourself.

Of the funds raised, $20,000 will be used to fund ongoing operations of Alive with Clive as well as the infrastructure for future Extravaganzas, and the remainder will be given to charities through contests involving shows from Alive with Clive.

Please participate in this exciting and worthwhile endeavor to help create an upward spiral of brilliance and joy in the world by making your contribution at https://alivewithclive.tv/awc-10ke-offerings!

Thank you.

Best regards.
[Your name]

I’ve also created a Tell Your Friends page on this Web site with text for you to copy and post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites, and paragraphs for you to send in emails to your friends.  To see this page, click here.

I would also like to create a Street Team to participate with me in this endeavor, to have calls, implement ideas we generate to spread the word about the campaign, and create targets to fulfill on the objective. So, if like me you also want to see charities and singer-songwriters flourish, and would like to be on the Alive with Clive Street Team, please let me know by sending me an email.

Since my previous update, the amount raised increased by 100%!

In my next update, I want to be able to tell you that the amount raised increased by much more than 100%.

Here’s the thermometer that reflects the new goal of $100,000:


If you haven’t already done so, please click here to make a contribution of just $10 (or more if you want to benefit from the offerings) now so you we can see the green bar on the thermometer move higher and you can begin to receive my $47 E-Course, 7 Secrets To Achieve Any Dream You Set For Yourself, immediately.


And after you do that, please copy the text above into an email and send it to at least 10 Friends.

To share this post on social media sites, please click on the social sharing buttons below.

With your support, I SHURB am looking forward to seeing the amount raised in the crowdfunding campaign for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza grow!

Thank you for your interest, support and participation!

Best regards.

https://alivewithclive.tvcreating synergies between companies, singer-songwriters and charities

P.S.  If you represent a charity that would like to participate in The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravagana before the window of opportunity to do so closes, click here.  And if you represent a corporate sponsor that would like to be a sponsor of or provide prizes for the Extravaganza, click here.


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