A Song about Simple Joys of Summer — “In June” by Mark Shock

For those who live in the Northern Hemisphere and experience summer in June, June generally represents liberation from overcast skies that are characteristic of colder preceding months.

On a grey day in March a few years ago, engaging singer-songwriter Mark Shock found himself daydreaming about joyful things to do in June, so he wrote a song about them in his song, “In June.”

Mark Shock - "In June" on Alive with Clive

“In June” is an enchanting song with a happy melody that is sure to lift your mood and spirits not only on even the dreariest of days, but also on any other kind of day.

“In June” is on Mark’s debut album, Far From The End, which was released in October 2014, and it is the 3rd of 4 songs Mark performed in his 1st of 2 Shows on Alive with Clive.

The Snippet you’re about to see is unique in that, unbeknownst to Mark, a mystery guest makes a surprise appearance during the Snippet!

Here’s the Snippet for you to enjoy of Mark Shock singing “in June” on Alive with Clive:

For the links to both of Mark’s shows on Alive with Clive in the Blog post about him, click here.

You can also enjoy the Snippet featuring Mark singing “Far Away” here.

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