A Song for Serenity and Your Soul — “Listen to the River Sound” by Carolee Rainey

Inspired by Big Sur, California, Carolee Rainey’s soulfully-stirring yet soothing song, “Listen to the River Sound,” from her debut album, Feel Fearless, is a song with universal appeal that builds a bridge for us to connect to the harmony and equanimity that nature provides.

If you are in urgent need of respite from the stress and tension caused by the challenges of life in a fast-paced city, and can’t find time in your busy schedule to set aside for a vacation in a quiet place, you have two options:

1. Find a river and listen to “Listen to the River Sound” while you’re there; or

2. Close your eyes wherever you are, even if you’re on a jam-packed subway or frazzled during rush-hour traffic, and listen to “Listen to the River Sound.”

You’ll immediately be transported to a world of serenity and tranquility in which you’ll connect to your higher Self and soul, and very soon you’ll begin to feel calm, at peace and whole.

Carolee Rainey, "Listen to the River Sound"

Metaphorically, the river could also be viewed as your intuition, and you too might find that when you have a particularly vexing challenge and go to the river or/of your intuition to “Listen to the River Sound,” you’ll soon receive the answers you’re seeking.

Here’s a snippet from Alive with Clive in which Carolee recalls how she created the song and sings part of it, accompanied by Thad DeBrock on guitar and percussionist, Spencer Cohen.

You’ll find the full version of the song in Carolee’s 2nd of 2 shows on Alive with Clive.

For the Blog post about Carolee with the links to her two shows, click here.

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