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This is the page for Alive with Clive Mug Shots!

If you have acquired an Alive with Clive Mug with the new logo either as a prize in one of the Alive with Clive Contests, as a gift or through a purchase, and email a picture of you holding your Alive with Clive Mug to clive at alivewithclive.tv (use @ instead of at with no spaces), the picture will be posted on this page with a link to your Web site, a Web site of a business you represent, or the Web site of a charity you support.

The New Alive with Clive Mug

At this juncture, it is possible to win an Alive with Clive Mug by entering these contests:

  1. New Shows Contest
  2. Paradigm Shift Songs Contest
  3. Facebook Comment Contest — 2016 Guests, 1st 9 of 27
  4. Instagram Comment Contest

At this stage, for every 25 entries received in each Contest one winner will be announced.

Additional Contests to win an Alive with Clive Mug will be created soon.

To have your Alive with Clive Mug Shot shown on this Page, though, you could also purchase a Mug from The Alive with Clive Store or obtain one through your participation in The Alive with Clive Crowdfunding Campaign of 2016.

And in case you want your Alive with Clive Mug Shot to show both the logo and the slogan on the Mug, all you need do is purchase two Mugs and have someone take a picture of you holding a Mug in each hand. Or have a picture like the one with Jean Lee and Jonathan Ng below taken with a family member or friend.

In the weeks ahead, many people will be seeing this page as a result of steps being taken to promote the Contests in which Alive with Clive Mugs are awarded as prizes, so if your Alive with Clive Mug Shot is on this Page, you will be seen by a lot of people. You, your business, your music (if you are a singer-songwriter) or a charity you support will thus receive free exposure worth thousands of dollars.

It gets even better, though, since your Alive with Clive Mug Shot will also be posted on such social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Blogger and WordPress.com, where Alive with Clive is building a continuously-increasing following, so the value of having an Alive with Clive Mug Shot is priceless.

And remember, by acquiring an Alive with Clive Mug either as a winner in a Contest or through a purchase, you are supporting the inspiring and talented singer-songwriters featured on Alive with Clive who provide us with so many great songs — and thus doing your part to create an upward spiral of brilliance and joy in the world!

This exclusive opportunity to be featured on this Page may not last indefinitely, so act now while it’s still available to ensure your Alive with Clive Mug Shot is featured as soon as possible.

Here are the first three Alive with Clive Mug Shots:

Alive with Clive Mug Shots

Susan Potasnik
Guitarist, Jonathan Ng, with Singer-Songwriter, Jean Lee