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Here are the Press Releases that have been issued about Alive with Clive from December 1, 2010, to date, starting with the most recent:

August 17, 2021Song Called “BODY” About Dilemma of Make-Up Sex Ignites Viral Voting PhenomenonRead
August 2, 2021Alive with Clive Reshuffles Its Playlist On Spotify To Reward Top Vote-Getters

July 7, 2021Alive with Clive Launches Innovative Voting System for Its Playlist on SpotifyRead
May 26, 2015To Follow in Bob Dylan’s Footsteps, Blossoming Phil Cohen Is a Worthy ContenderRead
April 19, 2015On Alive with Clive, Blossoming New Artist, Nana, Pays Tribute To MadonnaRead
February 11, 2015Just In Time For Valentines Day: The Top 10 Love Songs from Alive with CliveRead
November 3, 2014The K in The Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza Just Took On New MeaningRead
October 17, 2014“7 Secrets” Is Now A Bonus For All in Alive with Clive’s Crowdfunding CampaignRead
July 29, 2014So Far, 7 Charities Are Set to Participate in The 1st Alive with Clive 10K ExtravaganzaRead
June 24, 2014Alive with Clive’s Simple 5-Step Plan For Its 1st 10K Charity Extravaganza Is Now OnlineRead
June 18, 2014Alive with Clive Announces The Creation Of A New AWC-MVP DesignationRead
May 27, 2014Clive Thinks Worthy Fools Would Be A Worthy Guest on Letterman, Fallon or SNLRead
May 24, 2014Alive with Clive Announces Community-Based Plan To Give Away $10,000 To CharitiesRead
May 16, 2014Great Deal on Amrita Energy Bars Awaits Alive with Clive Contest EntrantsRead
April 29, 2014Prince William Ought To Know That This T-Shirt Would Look Great on Princess Kate!Read
March 27, 2014Like The Olympics, Alive with Clive’s New Song Contest Will Create Synergies For SponsorsRead
March 18, 2014Will Alive with Clive’s New Best Song Contest Fill The Void Left By The X Factor?Read
March 11, 2014TV Show Host Will Work For Minimum Wage So 14 Companies Can Boost Profits Now!Read
March 7, 2014Alive with Clive’s New Free Online E-Course Reveals Secrets For Boosting Profits!Read
November 18, 2013Alive with Clive Announces Innovative New Win-Win-Win Charity Sponsorship ProgramRead
November 6, 2013Charities Also Belong in 1st Alive with Clive Quest Contest To Find The Best SongRead
November 3, 2013Alive with Clive Invites Sponsors To Sponsor New Quest for the Best Song ContestRead
October 15, 2013CD Prizes Galore Are In Store For Winner Of Current Alive with Clive ContestRead
August 10, 2013Unique Prize Awaits FIRST Ambassador of The Alive with Clive YES to 10X ClubRead
July 14, 2013For Fans of American Idol, The X Factor And The Voice, Alive with Clive Is A New ChoiceRead
July 5, 2013If Eminem Can Rap with Dido, Who Will Rap With Meggin Ceol?Read
June 21, 2013Now Alive with Clive Is a Vital Voice on TV for Today’s Top Singer/SongwritersRead
January 30, 2013Alive with Clive Fills Void Left By American Idol, The X Factor and The Voice Read
July 11, 2011Chance To Win CDs Turns Alive with Clive Into An Interactive TV Show Now! Read
March 24, 2011"Bitch Get Fit" Creator, NLX, Calls On Women To Be Strong, Wise and Assertive! Read
March 11, 2011If You See Jeneen Terrana This Week on Alive with Clive, You Can Win Her New CD! Read
March 1, 2011Alive with Clive Wants To Join Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Eminem With Over One Billion Hits On YouTube!Read
February 5, 2011New Alive with Clive Global Community Launched To Boost Top 20 HIV/AIDS Mission Read
January 10, 2011Special Promotion For The FIRST Alive with Clive Top 20 To Memorialize 1-11-11 Read
December 1, 2010World AIDS Day 2010 Marks Start of Launch of The FIRST Alive with Clive Top 20 Read