Announcing A Brand New Series Of 10 to . . . Countup Contests

Hi Friends:

Last week, I posted on several social media sites this image with This Week’s Top 5 Most Viewed Video Clips from Alive with Clive on YouTube:

This Week's Top 5 Alive with Clive YouTube Clips -- May 6, 2016

After I posted the image, it occurred to me that since 590 clips from Alive with Clive were then available for viewing on The Alive with Clive TV Channel on YouTube, we were just ten clips away from having 600 clips to see on the Channel.

Since I have lots more video clips of songs to post on the Channel and would like to involve fans of Alive with Clive in the process, I’m delighted to announce the creation of a series of 10 to . . . Countup Contests.

Instead of it being a countdown, it will be a countup because for each ten videos to be posted, I’ll be starting at 1 and counting to 10.

So the first 10 to . . . Countup Contest will be The 10 to 600 Countup Contest, to be designated by #awc10to600cc


The Countup Contest after that will be The 10 to 610 Countup Contest, to be designated by #awc10to610cc – and so on, with the number following the “to” increasing by 10 for each 10 video clips to be posted on The Alive with Clive TV Channel on YouTube.

Now to make these contests fun and engaging, each clip will be presented in a Blog post, either on its own or together with other clips, and will have a letter code attached to it.

After all 10 videos in each Contest are posted, you’ll be able to submit an entry in which you will use all 10 letters you gather from each of the 10 Blog posts to crack a code.

All those who crack the code and submit the code in an entry form online will be eligible to win the prize for the Contest.

For the first Contest, the prize will be an Alive with Clive Mug and MousePad.

Alive with Clive Mug and Mousepad

As these Contests gather momentum and Alive with Clive builds a bigger following online, it is anticipated that sponsors will want to gain exposure as sponsors of the Contests and provide more elaborate prizes.

If you own or represent a company and would like to offer a tantalizing prize for this first or future 10 to . . . Countup Contests, send an email to clive at with the words Prize for #awc10to600cc on the subject line.

The Blog post for Video #1 of 10 on the Countup to 600, “Fading Taillights” by Dave Murphy, has already been published and you can see it with the video clip for the song featured and the Letter Code for that video clip after you click here.

To subscribe to The Alive with Clive TV Channel on YouTubeclick here.

Best regards.


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