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Hello Friends:

In my previous Blog post, I announced that plans are in the works for the creation of a series of contests to determine Alive with Clive Superstars.

In doing the thinking for the creation of The Alive with Clive Superstar Contests, I thought of another idea to create even more exposure for the singer/songwriters I’ve interviewed on Alive with Clive – contests to win radio interviews!

So, I have now also begun to explore the creation of a series of Alive with Clive Radio Interview Contests.

Alive with Clive

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This is what I have in mind for these contests:

  • Every singer/songwriter who has been interviewed on Alive with Clive is automatically entered in each contest.
  • Fans of singer/songwriters will vote for them to win each contest.
  • Fans who vote will be eligible to win prizes provided by sponsors.
  • The singer/songwriter or band who generates the most votes will be interviewed by each radio station that participates in each contest.
  • Listeners of the radio stations involved in each contest will receive specified code words to use to vote to win additional special prizes for listeners.

Once again, with these radio interview contests in the future, eligible singer/songwriters who have not yet appeared on Alive with Clive have yet another reason — in addition to the 20 outlined in this Blog post and the one mentioned in this one – to do whatever they can to secure one of the precious and priceless slots to be interviewed and perform on Alive with Clive as soon as possible.

If you are reading this Blog post and represent a radio station that would like to create fun and excitement for your listeners to keep them tuned in to your radio station or a corporate sponsor that would value a golden opportunity to boost the name recognition of your brand, please contact me by email at clive at (use the @ sign with no spaces) to submit your ideas for the implementation of these contests.

And if you are a singer/songwriter who would like to refer me to any radio station that might want to participate in these contests, please let me know at clive at as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.


(914) 274-8280

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