At Steinway & Sons in New York City, Cassandra Kubinski Demonstrates Her Immense Talent with a Mesmerizing Mashup of Five Songs by The Chainsmokers!

Here’s something new, different and exciting for you!

With her just-released mashup of five songs by The Chainsmokers, singer-songwriter extraordinaire Cassandra Kubinski has blazed a new trail in the realm of cover songs.

Cassandra Kubinski performing The Chainsmokers mashup at Steinway NYC

Not only has she combined five songs in one piece, she has used these songs to tell a story about how relationships that do not have a happy Hollywood ending go.

The five songs by The Chainsmokers are “Roses,” “Something Just Like This,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Who Do You Love?” and “Closer.”

To quote Cassandra in a recent post on Facebook about this mashup:

“So I got inspired to do a 5-song cycle of The Chainsmokers songs, cuz they just seemed to fit perfectly to describe the arc of a certain relationship, from getting the first beginnings of hopeful love, to feeling so right, to losing trust, to breaking up.” 

Cassandra Kubinski performing 5 top hit songs by The Chainsmokers on a Steinway

Sad though the ending of the relationship at the end of her mashup may be, the result produced by Cassandra is absolutely spellbinding!

(If you’re someone who craves a happy ending, though, just keep reading . . . )

Cassandra’s marvelous performance is made all the more special because it was recorded on a majestic Steinway piano at Steinway Hall in New York City.

Here’s the video for you to enjoy now:

In all likelihood, you will want to watch this video often!

FYI, legendary singer-songwriter, Billy Joel has described Cassandra as “a rarity … very similar to the legendary solo artists of the early to mid 1970’s … she proves that the genre [singer/songwriter] is not only alive and well, but that it is still capable of being transcendent.”

She’s shared stages with such established artists as Lady Gaga, Goo Goo Dolls, 10,000 Maniacs and Rachel Platten.

Through her singing and songwriting, she’s raised funds for various charitable organizations, from those that support children with autism with her song, “Not So Different,” to those that rescue pets with her song “You Get Me.”

She was recently featured in a Humans of Music Blog post by Jaxsta.

And she continues to add to her outstanding repertoire of songs she has produced over the past several years.

How to Achieve Success Fast At Last

Cassandra, moreover, has been featured in several blog posts about her songs on this Web site, and you’ll find some of them here:

You Never Told Me

New Year Coming

For those of you who adore songs about falling and being in love, you’ll derive a great deal of joy from these love songs by Cassandra:


The World Disappears

And, yes, while many relationships do traverse the arc described in the 5-song mashup above, some do somehow manage to develop staying power — and when they do, the couple meets at the altar.

One such couple invited Cassandra to write a song for their wedding.

Of over 1,120 clips of songs performed on Alive with Clive that have been uploaded to the Alive with Clive Channel on YouTube, that song, “It’s Gonna Be Love,” is still the most popular song — with over 7,770 views!

You’ll find the clip for “It’s Gonna Be Love” when you click here.

Cassandra also recently released a new single called “Stardust.” It is a song to remind us of the divinity and magnificence that resides in each and every one of us.

“Stardust” can be found at the top of the Alive with Clive Playlist on Spotify when you click here.

Cassandra truly is a shining light of love and inspiration to so many music lovers all over the world.

Stay tuned for more fabulous songs from her in the months ahead!

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