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This Page has been created specially to acknowledge the guests on Alive with Clive who have raised the bar and set a new record for the number of plays their show on Alive with Clive received during the five-week period in which their show was available for viewing on Vimeo from the Home Page of this Web site.

To see the Press Release to announce the creation of this designation, click here.

For this designation, MVP stands for Most Vimeo Plays, and it also stands for Most Viewed, Valued or Vivacious Performer!

Below you will see a picture of each guest who has received, and the date of the show that generated the plays that enabled the guest to receive, the designation, AWC-MVP.  You will also see the picture of the current AWC-MVP in the right-hand column on the Home Page of this Web site.

AWC-MVP # 2 -- 371 Vimeo Plays

Singer-songwriter, Hana Zara

Hana Zara --
October 13, 2014

AWC-MVP # 1 -- 98 Vimeo Plays

Worthy Fools

Worthy Fools --
May 19, 2014

This Page will be updated whenever a new AWC-MVP emerges!

Congratulations to Worthy Fools on being the first guest to receive the designation AWC-MVP!

Congratulations to Hana Zara on being the second guest to receive the designation AWC-MVP!