Hello and Welcome:

Guest Requests

If you’d like to be a guest on Alive with Clive, please send an email to clive at alivewithclive.tv (use @ for at with no spaces on either side) with the words, Alive with Clive Guest Request, on the subject line, with links to all your Web sites, and links to your music.

If you do not receive a response within five days, please send your request again.

Release Form

All guests are required to sign a Release.

While guests and their fans and are not permitted to post any video, audio or image from any part of any Alive with Clive show online, they are welcome to embed links to shows and video clips posted online by Alive with Clive on their Web sites or elsewhere online while shows and video clips from shows are available for viewing by the public.



Accompanying Musicians

While the stage in the studio can accommodate up to five performers for a show, it is recommended that shows have no more than three performers.  If musicians will be accompanying you, please let Clive know at the time you arrange your interview how many and the instruments they’ll be playing.  Please also see what is stated below under Equipment.


When you do appear as a guest on the show, it’s best not to wear white clothing, since white causes a glare on camera.  Also, if you are booked for two shows on the same day, please bring a second outfit or top for the second show since the second show won’t be shown on the same day as the first.


While seating in the studio is limited, you’re welcome to bring a family member, friend or manager to watch your show.


For directions to the studio, click here. 

It is recommended that you have these directions with you so that you know where to park and can find the studio in the building at 4 Martine Avenue when you arrive.

DVD of Your Show

After your interview is completed, you’ll be able to order a DVD of the show from the studio for $25 if you want to do so.  It will be sent to you within a couple of weeks after the show.  The studio accepts cash and checks, but not credit cards.


Please bring your own cables, amplifiers and other equipment.  While there is no keyboard, keyboard stand, keyboard seat, or piano in the studio, if you are not able to bring your own keyboard with a stand and seat, a keyboard with a stand and seat can be provided for you with advance notice upon request.

Neighborhood Restaurants

There is an Uno’s on Martine Avenue about 30 yards to the left of the entrance to The Seasons.  And there is a small diner between Uno’s and the entrance.


Only original songs are performed on Alive with Clive, no covers, and during each show guests perform three or four songs.

Sound System

For answers to questions regarding the sound system, please contact the studio between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. during weekdays at (914) 422-1419.

Studio Location

The studio is located in the basement of a major office and condominium complex at 4 Martine Avenue, White Plains, NY  10606.  It is three blocks away from the White Plains train station, which is 30 minutes away from Grand Central on an express train on the Harlem (blue) line.  For the train schedule, go to www.mta.info for Metro-North Railroad lines East of the Hudson.

Taping of the Show

Once the taping of the show begins, it’s as if you’re on LIVE.  There is no stopping, and the camera rolls continuously until the time is up.

Time to Arrive at the Studio

If you have the first slot for the afternoon, please be at the studio at least 30 minutes before the start time.  If you have one of the subsequent slots, please be at the studio at least 20 minutes before start time.  If you check the schedule and see there is an earlier guest, you’re welcome to arrive early to watch the show or shows before yours, or stay to watch the show or shows after yours, in the studio.

If you will be arriving by car, please allow ample time for traffic.  You can go to Uno’s if you’re early.

If you have the first slot for the afternoon and will be arriving by train, I can arrange to meet you at the White Plains Station to drive you to the studio.  It will then be necessary for you to sit in one of the middle cars on the train so that when you disembark from the train in White Plains, you’ll be near the steps leading down to the parking lot, where I will meet you in a charcoal minivan.

What to Bring

Bring with you any items like CDs, EPs, T-shirts and posters you would like to have displayed on camera.  If you do not have a physical copy of your CD, you may email a jpeg of the cover to me at least 24 hours before your interview so it can be shown during your interview.