Hello and Welcome:

On this page you will discover some of the benefits of being a Sponsor of Alive with Clive and the steps to take to become a Sponsor:

  • Like American Idol, The X Factor and The Voice, Alive with Clive gives music fans a chance to discover, connect with and be inspired by the most talented emerging and established singer-songwriters in the world.
  • One mission of Alive with Clive is to inspire young children, teenagers and adults to develop their skills as musicians and have their self-expression through music be recognized, appreciated and acknowledged.
  • Since it’s been proven that the study of music leads to higher grades in school, another mission of Alive with Clive is therefore indirectly to help boost performance in schools, enhance children’s self-esteem, and uplift communities.
  • Through the targeting of custom audiences on Facebook and other programs on behalf of Sponsors of Alive with Clive, Alive with Clive now offers Sponsors the unique opportunity to exponentially boost the return on investment of their sponsorship dollars with coupons as well as contests in which entrants answer questions from Alive with Clive and win prizes provided by the Sponsors.
  • In conjunction with The Alive with Clive Win-Win-Win Charity Sponsorship Program, described here, in which Sponsors can make a charitable contribution of at least $10 for each entry in a contest to a charity they select, these contests enable Sponsors to benefit from cause-related marketing!
  • For now, Sponsors can sponsor This Week on Alive with Clive for a month at a time or select a show or two from the archives featuring a specific singer-songwriter for a contest.
  • Since these contests are Web based with the video on Vimeo, they can be designed for any segment of the population in any part of the United States or the world.
  • Best results are achieved when contests involve radio stations as media sponsors.
  • To achieve synergies with other companies, contests can be structured to involve up to four Sponsors from different industries on a local, regional or national basis.
  • Alive with Clive now has the capacity to distribute a press release a day to over 220 top news sites around the country, and all Sponsors of Alive with Clive are featured in Press Releases issued by Alive with Clive.
  • To enter the current contest so you gain a sense of how each contest would be structured and at the same time be eligible to win the Prizes, click here.
  • These contests enable high engagement with consumers for extended periods, and provide exciting ways to connect and build enduring relationships with customers.
  • For a limited time, through a Special FREE Introductory Alive with Clive Sponsorship Opportunity, Sponsors can be a sponsor of Alive with Clive, FREE, simply by providing a prize worth at least $100 or a number of discount coupons.
  • The Special FREE Introductory Alive with Clive Sponsorship Opportunity will run in conjunction with The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza, described here, which will be implemented soon.
  • For specific information about how the company or radio station you represent can be a Sponsor of and benefit from one or more of these contests and opportunities, please fill in the information in the fields provided in the form below.  Thank you.