Cassandra Kubinski’s Other Side of the World Tour: Update

If you haven’t been keeping up with Cassandra Kubinski’s Other Side of the World Tour, you’ve been missing out on the news about the wonderful mind-expanding experiences she is having!

Cassandra Kubinski, Other Side of the World Tour - Southeast Asia

She is currently in Thailand, and a few hours ago sent an email to her adoring fans with this picture of her bonding with elephants in the Thai jungle . . .

Cassandra Kubinski with elephants in Thai Jungle

And this message . . .

“Hello from the other side of the world.

“Feeding and washing elephants in the Thai jungle? Check. Raising enough money to give a physical therapy program to 5 children in Bucharest Romania at our benefit concert? Check. Partying with music industry heavyweights on the beaches of Cannes? Check. On this mind expanding, heart opening, joyful, exhilarating journey (so far!), I’ve been reminded of a song (what else?)- ‘It’s a small world after all.'”

She’s been documenting some of the journey in pix, videos and commentary on such social media sites as Instagram and Facebook.

Her most recent show was here:

Cassandra Kubinski - Sandbar, Pattaya, Thailand

And here’s what’s next:


Saturday, June 23 — @ Chocolate Factory 6:30 – 9:30 pm


Friday, June 29 — @ The Newsagency 9:30 pm (by donation)
Sunday, July 1 — Private House Concert

Cassandra Kubinski in Sydney, Australia

If you’re there, do what you can to see Cassandra at one of her shows (with Bogdan, her fearless husband and brilliant travel partner), and if you have friends there encourage them to do so too! She and Bogdan will be delighted to meet you!

If you want to see Cassandra’s newest video for her boundary-breaking song, “You Never Told Me,” in the Blog post about the song with more information about her, click here.

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