Charlotte Morris — 2nd of 2 Shows*


Charlotte Morris sings “High,” “If Only I,” “Not Going Away” and “Give Love a Try”

Answer the questions from the show below to enter The Alive with Clive New Shows Contest.


1. In my Introduction, with reference to Charlotte’s song, “If Only I,” did I mention the four stages of mastery? Yes or No

2. After Charlotte performed “If Only I,” I quoted two lines from the poem, “If,” by Rudyard Kipling. True or False?

3. Did Charlotte say she was inspired to write “Give Love a Try” after playing shows with Peter Yarro from Peter, Paul and Mary? Yes or No

4. In this show, Charlotte used a capo on her guitar for all the songs she performed except for “High.” True or False?

5. Did Charlotte mention that on her Detour, she has a show in Nashville? Yes or No

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* Recorded in White Plains, New York, on February 7, 2019.

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