Dani Elise Follows Up On “Religion” with “Woman,” an Anthem to Empower Women Around the World!

Danie Elise - "Woman"

If songs were buildings, most would be like houses or office buildings that don’t really stand out too much from one another.

There are some songs, though, that have made such an indelible impression on the collective consciousness that they that they stand out like skyscrapers.

Songs like “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra, “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John and “Imagine” by John Lennon can certainly be regarded as “skyscrapers” among all songs that have ever been recorded.  

Generally, songs that have risen to claim that degree of acclaim, including inspiring songs for women, have been sung by singer-songwriters who have been regarded as superstars, and that’s one reason why those songs are remembered with such reverence.

As we all know, though, there are exceptions to every rule.

Right now, in our midst, one singer-songwriter who has been on Alive with Clive enjoys the distinction of having created two songs that could be regarded as skyscrapers — even though she is not affiliated with any record label and is only now starting to become well-known.

Her name is Dani Elise, and the first of the two songs, “Religion,” which she wrote over 10 years ago and performed on Alive with Clive in 2009, was featured in a Blog post about her published a few days ago.

You’ll find that Blog post with the video of her singing “Religion” on Alive with Clive when you click here.

As noted on her Bandcamp page:

DANI is a UK born Indie-Pop-Soul Artist with classic rock, worldly & spiritual influences. “Breaking all the rules, . . . [s]he plays with dark and light, the sexy and the spiritual. But always with heart. DANI, a voice with a powerful message and one of passion transcendence that rises to unveil a legacy of love and light.”

Paradigm Shift Ad | Woman

The second song is a song she wrote within the past few months and has not yet been officially released for streaming on digital platforms.

It is called “Woman,” it is one of the most inspiring songs for women to have been released within the past five years, and it is destined to become an anthem to empower women around the world.

When you hear the song, you’ll immediately realize that it is completely congruent with the authentic, from-the-heart method of songwriting Dani teaches in her songwriting course she recently created and is now offering.

When you click on this screenshot from Facebook, you’ll be taken to the Web page about her songwriting course:

Dani | Songwriting in 30 Days

In a post on Facebook recently, Dani shared a video of her discussing and singing “Woman,” and here it is:

You’ll find the post with Dani’s remarks about the song, as well as the lyrics, when you click here.

About three weeks after Dani posted the video of her singing “Woman” on an acoustic guitar, she posted a new version of her singing the song on an electric guitar for the first time, and here’s that video:

In a recent edition of Optimize published by Brian Johnson, he referred to a quote attributed to esteemed Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, about the benefits provided by challenges and obstacles. Marcus Aurelius said:

“The impediment to action advances action.
What stands in the way becomes the way.”

As previously mentioned, in alignment with this principle and standing tall in her power, Dani is currently navigating a phase in her life in which she is transforming the challenges she is facing into a springboard for the exciting next stage of her music career.

“Passion to transcend and overcome
I’ve been to dark places now I rise up in love”
~ from “Woman”

You can support her now on Facebook to cause this transformation when you click here.

As one of her supporters, you will have a front-row seat to witness her progress and enable her to maintain her momentum for the next phase of her career.

And every time you hear “Religion,” “Woman” or any of the other songs she sings, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you were one of her fans who stepped up at a crucial time in her life to give her a boost she will most definitely appreciate for the rest of her life.

Set aside a few minutes to see Dani sing “Religion” and “Woman.”

You’ll have a new-found appreciation not only for these two songs and the power of great songs to have an impact, but also for Dani!

To contribute to Dani, click here now.

Thank you.

Best regards.


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