Do You Know What A “Winline” Is?


Hi Friends:

Several years ago it was brought to my attention that our lives are governed to a considerable degree if not completely by the conversations of people who have been dead for hundreds of years.

I also learned that what we say to ourselves and others creates our life.

With these two principles in mind, about five years ago I was led to investigate the origin of the word “deadline.”

I was prompted to conduct this investigation because the word deadline has the word dead in it and it is used so often in our lives to govern our behavior.

So my thinking was and is that if we are going to use words to determine or govern our behavior, wherever possible wouldn’t it be better to use words that are enlivening, energizing and empowering rather than words that are deadening?

So, I conducted my investigation on Google, and what I discovered about the origin of the word “deadline” includes what is contained in this image:


After I completed my investigation, in light of the origin of the word deadline, I proposed to some friends of mine, and am once again proposing right now, that from now on we cease to use the word deadline, and instead call a “deadline” a “winline” – as in being in a sprint to the finish line to win a race, since that’s a far more enlivening, energizing and empowering image to use to motivate and inspire us to complete projects by a specific date or time.

And a couple of years ago, I took this additional step . . .

I acquired the domain,, and went so far as to have this logo designed for a range of T-Shirts and other productivity products, books and courses I plan to create in the future:


Also, for several years I participated on a weekly call, called Breakfast with Bob, provided by Robert G. Allen, co-author with Mark Victor Hansen of The One Minute Millionaire and other best sellers. On one of these calls, Bob made us aware that “deadlines are lifelines.”

That led me to the dictionary to see how the word lifeline is defined, and I found these eight definitions:

  1. A line, fired across a ship or boat, by means of which a hawser for a breeches buoy may be hauled aboard.
  2. A line or rope for saving life, as one attached to a lifeboat.
  3. Any of various lines running above the decks, spars, etc., of a ship or boat to give sailors something to grasp when there is danger of falling or being washed away.
  4. A wire safety rope supported by stanchions along the edge of the deck of a yacht.
  5. The line by which a diver is lowered and raised.
  6. Any of several anchored lines used by swimmers for support.
  7. A route or means of transportation or communication for receiving or delivering food, medicine, or assistance: This road is the town’s lifeline and must be kept open despite the snow.
  8. Assistance at a critical time.

What Robert Allen meant is that when we set winlines for ourselves, they actually save our lives, in that they rescue or propel us from our “Same Old Life” and enable us to experience a much higher level of joy, fulfillment and accomplishment!

The takeaway from this discussion of deadlines, winlines and lifelines – or stated differently, the bottom line 🙂 – is that winlines are lifelines!

In the days ahead, I’m going to make you aware of one winline in particular that could prove to be as uplifting to you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, as a physical lifeline that rescues you from physical danger.

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