For Valentine’s Day: “The World Disappears” by Cassandra Kubinski from her EP, ONWARD — One of the Most Beautiful Songs about Being in Love You’ll Ever Hear!

First you touch my hand
Then you kiss my lips
And there’s nothing else but here and now and us and this

You might have been inspired to overcome whatever inhibitions were keeping you from falling in love after listening to “Deeper,” the first song on Cassandra Kubinski’s new EP, ONWARD.

After you find yourself deeply in love, though, you need a song to capture the beauty, charm and magnificence of being in love!

It’s then that you simply must listen to the fourth song on ONWARD, “The World Disappears.”

Once again with poetic lyrics and a gorgeous melody, Cassandra enchantingly sweeps us off our feet as she sings about the joy of escaping into the embrace of an enriching and fulfilling loving relationship.

Then the earth drops down
And the spinning sky clears
When I’m with you my love
The world disappears

For Valentine’s Day or on any other day, if you’re looking for the ideal song to put you in the perfect mood to express and receive love, you’ve found the song you’ve been seeking in “The World Disappears.”

* * * * *

As mentioned in a recent Blog post about “Deeper,” the first song on ONWARD, over the past ten years, fans of Cassandra Kubinski who’ve been following her music career and have become acquainted with her prolific songwriting are aware that she is one of the most talented singer-songwriters in our midst.

* * * * *

While “Deeper” is one of the most beautiful songs about falling in love you’ll ever hear, “The World Disappears” is unquestionably one of the most beautiful songs about being in love you’ll ever hear!

When you listen to “Deeper” and “The World Disappears,” though, you are only just beginning to get a sense of the extensive catalog of extraordinary songs Cassandra has compiled over the past ten years and released in these records:

13 Songs – 2007
27 songs – 2010
16 Songs – 2014
6 songs – 2016


As you become immersed in the songs of Cassandra Kubinski, “The World Disappears!”

Best regards.

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