“I Can’t Call You Mine” by Esteban Rivera



When Esteban Rivera was on Alive with Clive in November of 2012, the 3rd of 4 songs he performed was “I Can’t Call You Mine,” a song about the agony of wanting to be in love but so hurt by past disappointments in relationships that you prevent yourself from allowing that to happen again for the time being.

Fast forward four years and now that same song is a hit that is launching Last Exit In New York — the band Esteban formed after returning to his country of origin, Colombia, just over a year ago, in his words, “to follow my dreams or die trying” — into international prominence.

You’ll find out more about the band on its MTV Artists Page.

In complete alignment with the mission and core philosophy of Alive with Clive is this paragraph on the band’s Web site:

“We’re a band that represents the freedom of doing what you truly want with your life. It’s movement towards the reality you want to live in and not accepting anything less. It is demonstrating to the world that what they want is possible when they take action and inch closer and closer never quitting on themselves.”

You can enjoy the song after you click here or on the image for the video clip on YouTube above.

Here are links to other songs performed by Esteban Rivera on Alive with Clive during the same show on November 30, 2012:

“I Loved You To Nine Deaths”“Outside The Air Is Getting Cold”


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