Indie Music Videos: “One of Us” by Chuck Ramsey

When you’re pouring drinks for “One of Us,” it’s absolutely imperative that you take meticulous care to ensure one doesn’t get a drop more than the other!

"One of Us" by Chuck Ramsey

That’s just one of the many humorous highlights in the delightfully-amusing music video singer-songwriter, Chuck Ramsey, created with his wife, Lesley Barth (also an established singer-songwriter who has been featured on Alive with Clive), for his enchanting single he released in 2018.

“One of Us” is the 1st of 4 songs Chuck performed in his 1st of 2 shows on Alive with Clive, and . . .

Here’s a snippet of Chuck singing “One of Us” on the show:

For the music video, in a demonstration of just how resourceful creative thinkers can be with a budget so low it does not exceed zero, Chuck and Lesley made full use of the range of tools provided to create videos on Instagram TV.

The outcome is truly uplifting, and is likely to provide both a healthy dose of solace and an invigorating jolt of joy to anyone who is feeling dejected after being rejected when a relationship that “could have been . . . is over before it could begin.”


To see the music video for “One of Us” on Instagram, click here or on the image of Chuck pouring drinks for “One of Us” above.

For the links to Chuck’s two shows on Alive with Clive in the Blog post about him, so you can enjoy the complete version of the song, click here.

To find and add “One of Us” to one of your playlists on Spotify, click here or on the image below.

"One of Us" by Chuck Ramsey


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