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Hi Everyone:

For your reading pleasure while you’re participating in the season’s festivities, here are a few items for you to note about Alive with Clive and The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza — as well as information about a very special deal I’ve managed to secure for you if you already are, or as soon as possible want to become, a published author:

1.  Alive with Clive is now on Pinterest

To tap into the vast marketing potential of Pinterest and give singer-songwriters who’ve been featured on Alive with Clive additional exposure, I recently created a Pinterest account for Alive with Clive.

In the account, there are currently two boards:  One for Alive with Clive YouTube Clips and the other for Alive with Clive News Updates.

To cause the Pins to attract attention and boost engagement with viewers, I’ve been posting lines of lyrics from the songs featured in the video clips on each Pin. Here are four examples of recent Pins:


To Follow Alive with Clive and Like the Pins on Pinterest, click here.

I’ve also created a separate Pinterest account under the name Clive Swersky, and it currently has two boards:  Achieve Your Dreams and Health and Nutrition

To Follow Clive Swersky and Like my Pins on Pinterest, click here.

2.  Now, for Charities:  $110 Available for Distribution 

I’m delighted to report that to date $140 has been raised in the crowdfunding campaign for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza. In accordance with my pledge to give 80% of the funds raised to the charities participating in the Extravaganza, $110 is now available to be distributed.

So, the first 11 people to watch a show on Alive with Clive and submit correct answers to the five questions relating to the show they watch will cause me to send $10 per entry to the charity they select from the dropdown menu on the entry form. For shows to see to enter the contest, go to:

I anticipate that the participating charities will encourage their supporters to watch shows so that the charities can receive the funds.

Nevertheless, if you have no connection with any of the charities, but watch a show and enter the contest, you can select one of the participating charities from the dropdown menu when you submit your entry.

If your entry is correct, $10 will be sent to the charity you selected as long as funds raised to date haven’t already been allocated when you submit your entry.

If the all the funds have already been allocated, your entry will be used to determine the charity that will receive the next $10 as soon as it becomes available.

3.  My Selfie Campaign Slogan Mug Shot 

I recently received the first batch of Mugs with the slogan for the crowdfunding campaign for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza.

To receive one of these Mugs, all you have to do is contribute $10 or more to the crowdfunding campaign if you have not already done so, cause at least 10 others to do so too, and email me the names of ten people who contributed $10 or more to the crowdfunding campaign because of you.

Upon receipt of 10 names from you, you will gain admission into The 1st Alive with Clive 10KE Club, and receive the benefits that go along with membership, including your own Mug with the slogan of the crowdfunding campaign.

For more information about the Club, click here.

4.  AWC 10KE Offerings To Be Withdrawn Soon 

As a result of the direction in which I am moving with the crowdfunding campaign for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza, I will soon be withdrawing the offerings that are currently available at an 80% discount.

And after I do withdraw the offerings, if you want to benefit from them, it will be necessary for you to pay at least $27 a month to gain access to any of them, or possibly a one-time amount of $147 or more for each of them.

There is an incredible amount of rock-solid information in these courses to equip you with all the knowledge, tools and skills necessary to earn thousands of dollars a month online in your spare time if you’d like to do so.

I haven’t decided on the exact date to withdraw the offerings, but when I do I’ll possibly give you another three days advance notice or I might just withdraw them without any further notice.

So, if the available offerings call to you in any way, make the necessary contribution to the crowdfunding campaign to gain access to them now.

To do so, click here.

And if you don’t want to avail yourself of any of the offerings, remember that with a donation of $10 or more you’ll nevertheless also gain instantaneous access to my $47 E-Course, 7 Secrets To Achieve Any Dream You Set For Yourself.

To make a contribution to the crowdfunding campaign even if you don’t want any of the offerings, click here or on the donate button below:

5.  New Year’s Resolution: Publish a Book or a Book Series

Have you resolved that 2015 is finally going to be the year in which you publish at least one book, or possibly even a series, so you can convert thoughts in your head about information and experiences you want to share with world in written form into constantly increasing streams of income flowing into your bank account?

If so, you’ll definitely want to grab a “must-have” amazing opportunity I’ve been able to secure for you at a whopping more-than-50% discount of $300.

With this opportunity, you have the chance to learn from the author who is known as The Book Ninja!

You can’t procrastinate about this opportunity at all, though, since the $300 discount is available only until 11.59 p.m. Pacific time on Monday, December 29.

I have set out all the details for you in my latest Blog post, which you’ll find when you click here.

Happy Holidays!

Best regards.



P.S.  To claim your whopping more-than-50% discount without first reading my latest Blog post, make sure you type, in the field for coupon code, kindle300, after you click here.


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