On Alive with Clive, With His Love of Music and Its Heritage, His Imaginative Lyrics, and His Passion to Perform, Zachary Kee a/k/a Lonesome Zak from Lonesome Zak & The Reverend Todd B. Rekindles Memories of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley

Although not yet 30, Lonesome Zak, who grew up in Texas and is now based in South Carolina, has been immersed in music for more than 25 years.

Lonesome Zak & The Reverend Todd B. on Alive with Clive, 1st of 2 Shows

On Alive with Clive he shared that he was raised on a melting pot of different musical genres from Full Moon Fever by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers to the influence of Spanish flamenco thanks to his Mexican babysitter.

Not satisfied with simply listening to the great rock & rollers of the day, he went in search of those who influenced them all the way back in time until he discovered the legends of the delta blues era who sat on their porches and created heartfelt songs with simple melodies – sometimes even with guitars that were out of tune.

When you take the time to watch Lonesome Zak on Alive with Clive, you are treated to a wonderful array of songs, from the lighthearted and humorous to the painful and jarring, with imaginative lyrics that reflect his diverse musical influences – in a voice and with a style that are sure to have you reminiscing almost immediately about your fond memories of Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.

In his two shows on Alive with Clive, Lonesome Zak performed these 11 songs:

1st Show 2nd Show
  1. “Parlor Blues”
  2. “Highway Bound”
  3. “Mexican Tango”
  4. “Long Train Comin’ Down”
  5. “Back-alley Redemption”
  1. “Heart In Tow”
  2. “Lone Star Blues”
  3. “Take”
  4. “Blackbird” / “A Song For The End”
  5. “Shaman Man”

In the 1st Show, the journey begins with a song about planning the ultimate funeral (“Parlor Blues”). Next, in “Highway Bound” you contemplate what it would be like to elope with someone else’s wife. “The Mexican Tango” revolves around being seduced by a beautiful woman who has a rude awakening in store for the protagonist. “Long Train Comin’ Down,” a song about yearning and expectancy, is heavily influenced by Johnny Cash, and “Back-alley Redemption” was inspired by an experience early in Lonesome Zak’s singing career that did not go well.

In the description of the album Lonesome Zak released in November of 2012, Conversations With Mr. Crow, he mentioned that the songs are about “the pain, heartache and longing of five years of bad relationships,” and added:

“I hope this album will provide a sense of comfort for those who have been in my shoes and just can’t seem to get it right, similar to the way that the songs of Hank Sr. and Johnny Cash helped me out of the dark when I thought I was all alone…hell, there’s always room for a conversation Mr. Crow.”

And in the 2nd Show, Lonesome Zak shared that he wrote “Heart In Tow” when he found himself homeless for a few days in the midst of a visit to Sydney, Australia; “Lone Star Blues” is about a one-night stand; “Take” is about a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere; “Blackbird” is about the emotions you feel when you first become infatuated, while “A Song For The End,” on the other extreme, is about not being able to leave a relationship quickly enough; and “Shaman Man” is a song inspired by Jim Morrison in which Zak says he embraces the weirdness.

After you have watched the two shows featuring Lonesome Zak on Alive with Clive, you are sure to be inspired by the dedication and passion he brings to being a singer-songwriter.

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1st Show | 2nd Show


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