Nick Deutsch (1st of 2 shows) — September 22, 2014

Nick Deutsch on Alive with Clive — 1st of 2 shows

Nick Deutsch performs “Better Place,” “Run,” “Twenty Something” and “A Good One” on August 11, 2014, on Alive with Clive hosted by Clive Swersky

Here are the 5 questions relating to this show to enter the contest for The 1st AWC 10KE Contest:
Question 1:
In my Words of Wisdom segment, I read a quote from Nick I obtained from the bio on his Web site.  True or False?
Question 2:
During this interview, did Nick say that he has created a music video for his song, “Run”?  Yes or No
Question 3:
In discussing Nick’s songwriting style, did I mention “Uptown Girl” and “Piano Man” by Billy Joel?  Yes or No
Question 4:
Nick said he was in Nashville over the summer during CMA Week and had a fantastic time.  True or False?
Question 5:
During this interview, did I refer to singer-songwriters Gavin DeGraw and Andy Grammer?  Yes or No
To submit your Entry Form in the Contest for The 1st Alive with Clive 10K Charity Extravaganza after you watch the 1st of 2 shows featuring Nick Deutsch on Alive with Clive so the charity you support can receive $10 if funds for distribution to charities are currently available, click here.

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