On Alive with Clive: Bringing Elegance, Grace, Polish and Pizzazz to Singing and Songwriting, Flounder Warehouse represented by Talented Band Founder Seann Cantatore Single-Handedly Gives Birth to a Stylish New Genre of Music – Jazz with Swaggitude!

When you first experience the performance of the songs created by Seann Cantatore, founder of the band, Flounder Warehouse, for the band, you’re bound to agree that these four descriptive nouns mentioned in the headline to describe the experience are most apt:

Flounder Warehouse adjectives

As you listen to the songs some more, though, and they begin to permeate your brain’s listening receptors, you realize that you’re hearing a stylish genre of music you haven’t quite heard before, combining elements of jazz, soul, r&b, hip hop and rap, with swagger and attitude!

So, chances are, you’ll approve of the name that has been assigned to describe most accurately the genre of music we enjoy from Flounder Warehouse – Jazz with Swaggitude!

Seann started to write songs as a member of the Songwriter’s Club when she was at White Plains High School.

After a couple of years in college while pursuing a Music Education major in the classical voice department, she found herself wanting instead to satisfy her thirst for jazz and soulful music, and drawn to take jazz piano lessons for a few months.

It was during that phase of her time at college that Flounder Warehouse was born.

Flounder Warehouse on Alive with Clive

To date, Flounder Warehouse, which began in Philadelphia and is now based in Brooklyn, has released two EPs, Self-Checkout Line in May of 2015 with 7 songs, and At This Point in June of 2017 with 6 songs.

In the 1st Show on Alive with Clive, Seann performed three songs from At This Point and ended the show with one of her newest songs, “Better Now.”

In the 2nd Show, all the songs Seann performed are from Self-Checkout Line.

Here are the lists of the songs Seann performed in the two shows featuring Flounder Warehouse on Alive with Clive:

1st Show
2nd Show
  1. “What to Do”
  2. “It Would Be So Nice”
  3. “The News”
  4. “Better Now” [new]
  1. “I Still Stand Tall”
  2. “What Did I Do to Lose You?”
  3. “Self-Checkout Line”
  4. “Boy, You Got Me”

In the 1st Show:
  • “What to Do” is an expression of an inquiry about what to say or do to experience intimacy desired in a relationship;
  • “It Would Be So Nice” is about reminiscing about fond memories of a relationship you’d still like to be in;
  • “The News” is about breaking the news that you’ve finally decided to move on from a relationship that hasn’t worked notwithstanding a promising beginning; and
  • “Better Now” is about expressing how much you feel invigorated by the good vibes of Los Angeles while knowing you can’t stay there and need to return to New York.

“Don’t wanna leave
Don’t wanna go
Flight’s leavin’ in three hours
And I already know
Gonna miss this place
Like no other place I’ve missed
Gonna miss these faces
Fillin’ in my days with only good graces”
~ from “Better Now”

Seann Cantatore on Keyboard on Alive with Clive

In the 2nd Show:

  • “I Still Stand Tall” is about reaffirming that your self-esteem is intact notwithstanding the termination of a troublesome relationship;
  • “What Did I Do To Lose You” is about wondering what you might have done to cause the demise of a relationship;
  • “Self-Checkout Line” at its core is a call for people to be their authentic selves and not mask insecurities with social media; and
  • “Boy, You Got Me” is about the dissonance inherent in feeling a close connection to someone who seems reticent about commitment.

“Boy, you got me so confused . . .
When you do those thing you do
What I always wanted from you
But your heart says I don’t know
But I know you know”
~ from “Boy, You Got Me”

Flounder Warehouse 2nd Show on Alive with Clive

In a nutshell, when you want to become acquainted with a sound that is both alluring and appealing, and you’re in the mood for music that is not loud or rambunctious but soothing and pleasing, you’re destined to become a raving fan of the sound and songs of Flounder Warehouse.

In one of the two shows, Seann also reveals the true story behind the creation of the intriguing name for her band.

So it’s time for you to begin to enjoy the 1st Show and the 2nd Show featuring Flounder Warehouse represented by Seann Cantatore on Alive with Clive now.

Best regards.

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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