On Alive with Clive: Captivating Singer-Songwriter and Visual Artist, Melanie Bresnan, Displays Her Remarkable Talent in Songs from, and Artwork for, Her EPs, Reckless Dreams and Well Wishes!

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Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Melanie Bresnan graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2014 with a focus in songwriting, audio acoustics and electronics.

Her varied musical background includes influences of classical vocal technique, jazz, choral music, rock, and Irish traditional music.

She blends these influences with country and pop to create songs rooted in traditional folk music that are catchy and memorable.

Her 1st Show on Alive with Clive was on Halloween in 2016.

In that show, she mesmerized us with her deft use of the bodhrán – a musical instrument that has been described as “the heartbeat of traditional Irish music” – and was accompanied on guitar by Pete Jacobs.

Melanie Bresnan with Pete Jacobs on Alive with Clive

In addition, she performed five of the six songs from the EP she had then just released, Reckless Dreams.

For her most recent tour of the Northeast to promote her newest EP, Well Wishes, Melanie didn’t have a guitarist.

So – no problem, being the resourceful and unstoppable individual she is …

– in addition to doing the amazing art work for her EP and separately-released singles –

… she learned to play the guitar herself!

During her most recent tour, which included a show at Rockwood Music Hall on Labor Day, we managed to find a slot for her on Alive with Clive to perform five of the eight songs from her new EP.

For this show she was accompanied by Keenan-Keaton Payne on bass, and Josh Jernigan on drums. Keenan and Josh are also based in Nashville.

Melanie Bresnan with Keenan-Keaton Payne and Josh Jernigan on Alive with Clive

Here are the lists of songs Melanie performed from Reckless Dreams in her 1st Show on Alive with Clive on Halloween in 2016, and from Well Wishes in her 2nd Show on Alive with Clive on the day after Labor Day in 2018:

Melanie Bresnan' EPs, Reckless Dreams and Well Wishes

1st Show – Reckless Dreams
2nd Show – Well Wishes
  1. “Love Song”
  2. “The Sound of One Heart”
  3. “Bird of Prey”
  4. “Reckless Dreams”
  5. “Like Nothing Can Hurt Us”
    1. “Granite”
    2. “April”
    3. “Like That”
    4. “Love You More”
    5. “See Something Say Something”

In the 1st Show:

  • “Love Song” is a song in which one person in a relationship informs the other that it’s time to end the pretense and realize that the relationship is over;
  • “The Sound of One Heart” is about the emotions that accompany seeing the person you’re dating having a glorious time in a bar with someone else;
  • “Bird of Prey” is about seeing and understanding the world from the perspective of someone who has little empathy or compassion for the feelings of others, to avoid feeling hurt by that person;
  • “Reckless Dreams” is a siren song for all who have the courage to step off the path they’re expected to follow in pursuit of the fulfillment of their dreams; and
  • “Like Nothing Can Hurt Us” is a call to love fully and unabashedly – without any inhibitions.

“The world’s always gonna need reckless dreamers, wide-eyed healers, bright-eyed schemers, looking for the edge of what we know and stepping over the line”
~ from “Reckless Dreams”

In the 2nd Show:

  • “Granite” is a song that provides inspiration for women empowerment and for anyone to realize that you can tap into the power and resilience within you to be a commanding force in the world;
  • “April” is a poignant song dedicated to all who grapple with mental illness or who need time for themselves;
  • “Like That” is a song that highlights the notion that both parties in a relationship may not be in it for the long term;
  • “Love You More” is a love song expressing how love grows stronger over time; and
  • “See Something Say Something” is about being attracted to someone you see on a daily commute on a train, and having the courage to initiate a connection.

“It’s now or never, make my move
Magic happens and I’m next to you
It’s the law of attraction, a chemical reaction, and
Boy you’ve got me bending the rules
If you see something, say something”
~ from “See Something Say Something”

It’s highly likely that soon after you start to listen to Melanie Bresnan’s songs, you’ll be adding them to your Favorites lists on your streaming channels.

So, set aside some time to discover, connect with and be inspired by Melanie in her 1st Show and the 2nd Show on Alive with Clive as soon as possible.

Best regards.

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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