On Alive with Clive: Charismatic Singer-Songwriter Luke Buck Displays His Talent on Guitar and Piano to Captivate with Songs that Express His Heartfelt Emotion


  • a charismatic singer-songwriter with an uplifting flair for playing the guitar and piano;
  • a passion for music;
  • the influence of 90s alternative rock bands, Counting Crows, Radiohead and Weezer, as well as deep Blues and Classic Rock; and
  • a capacity to love deeply with moving on from the concomitant upsetting feelings experienced after the end of a long-term relationship,

and you have Luke Buck!

Luke Buck on Alive with Clive

Luke is from the ‘sticks’ in northeastern Pennsylvania, and is now based in Brooklyn, New York.

His first EP, DARK MATTER, was a raw emotional journey of coping with a breakup in today’s age of social media and instant gratification.

And on his latest EP, All These Things, which is being released on October 20, 2017, with an EP release concert at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, at 8 p.m. the next day, the songs reflect a man who, after the breakup, has moved through the first four of what Elisabeth Kübler-Ross calls the five stages of a grief – denial, anger, bargaining and depression – to the fifth stage, acceptance, in which he begins to reflect on other aspects of life and possibilities that previously were not being considered.

“I was in my old apartment after the relationship ended packing everything into boxes, packing up my whole life, … I’m moving out, … and I realized: ‘I have feelings, and that’s OK.'” ~ Luke Buck

In his 1st Show on Alive with Clive, Luke performed songs from DARK MATTER, and in his 2nd Show he performed the songs on his new EP, as follows:

1st Show
2nd Show
  1. “I Don’t Want To Be Alone Tonight”
  2. “Feelings”
  3. “Alone”
  4. “Jenny”
  1. “All These Things”
  2. “Old Friends”
  3. “Broken”
  4. “California”

Luke Buck on Alive with Clive, 2nd of 2 Shows

While the yearning for companionship (in “I Don’t Want to be Alone Tonight”) and the anguish of being without it (in “I’ve Got Feelings,” “Alone” and “Jenny”) is apparent in the songs Luke performed in the 1st Show, from the songs in the 2nd Show we see a more introspective side to Luke as he realizes the lessons he has learned from his prior relationship (in “All These Things”), asks forgiveness of a friend (in “Old Friends”), and sings about the suicide of a friend (in “Broken) and the possibility of a new relationship that goes through phases, much like a car journey from New York to “California.”

You don’t need to see Luke perform for long, though, to know that when he is performing, whether on guitar or piano, he is deploying his talent to do what he is here to do – write and sing songs that captivate all who have the good fortune to see him perform.

You’ll therefore definitely want to see not only his 1st Show and 2nd Show on Alive with Clive, but also his LIVE show for the release of his new EP, All These Things, at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2, on Saturday, October 21, at 8 p.m.

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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