On Alive with Clive: Dynamic Singer-Songwriter, Paige Howell, accompanied by Anthony and Steven Babino, Captivates and Invigorates with an Exhilarating Mixture of Sweetness, Vengeance, High-Octane Energy and Charm!

Paige Howell first caught the pop music bug in 1st Grade, and thought her future plan was to be the “sixth Spice Girl.”

Then, when she was 14, she saw Gwen Stefani in concert, and from that moment on began to set her sights on becoming a pop star.

Now, in harmony with the Law of Attraction (by which she acknowledges she is mesmerized), she is living into the vision she created for herself in her teens.

Paige Howell on Alive with Clive, 1st of 2 Shows

Growing up in upstate New York, Paige commuted to the city daily for dance and voice lessons, and studied theatre performance in college.

In 2014, she released her debut EP, Crystal Child, with eight songs, and is now adding songs to her repertoire in preparation for the release of her next record.

“Rising pop artist Paige Howell has been lighting up the stage at some of the most prominent indie music venues in NYC, including recent shows at Rockwood Music Hall, and Mercury Lounge.

“With a brand of pop that ranges from traditional songs about love, to aggressive songs about breakups, to heartfelt odes to family, Howell manages to not just dip her toe in every facet of the genre, she plants a foot firmly in each one, letting the world know that if she chooses she can go in just about any direction she wants in the pop world.” ~ Entertainment journalist, Adam Bernard, Adam’s World, Home of Adam B”

Accompanied by Anthony and Steven Babino (who recently formed their new band, Rebel Kicks), in two shows on Alive with Clive Paige performed these eight songs, six of which are on her EP, Crystal Child, as follows: :

1st Show
2nd Show
  1. “This Could Be The End”
  2. “Stay”
  3. “Because I’m A Girl” (new)
  4. “Pull Up A Barstool” (new)
    1. “Living Out Loud”
    2. “One and Only Heart”
    3. “Crystal Child”
    4. “Moon and Back”

In the 1st Show:

  • “This Could Be The End” is about serving notice of an impending termination of a relationship in which expectations are not being met;
  • “Stay” expresses the sentiments present after the decision has been made to move on from a troubling situation;

“It’s hard to let doors close, it really is, but if you can lock them, and wait for another one to open, you’re better off.” ~ Paige Howell

  • “Because I’m A Girl” is about being empowered by qualities associated with being feminine; and
  • “Pull Up A Barstool” is a song in which the vengeful emotions of someone who has been hurt and betrayed are unabashedly expressed with an ever-so-slight tinge of humor.

“I don’t care what you say
This is not me anyway
I’m driving far away
And nothing you can do
will make me stay. . .
” ~ from “Stay”

Paige Howell on Alive with Clive, 2nd of 2 Shows

In the 2nd Show:

  • “Living Out Loud” is purely and simply a song about being fully self-expressed;
  • “One and Only Heart” is an expression of the thoughts you think to attract the mate you are seeking; and
  • “Crystal Child” and “Moon and Back” are dedicated to Paige’s late grandmother and reflect the strong bond that keeps them connected to each other.

“I’ve never cared what people say
I’m breaking the rules whatever it takes
My gypsy heart is leading the way
So come feel the love that I’m feeling today” ~ from “Living Out Loud”

With her uplifting spirit and top-notch songs that reflect the vicissitudes of her life, Paige Howell is guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired, rejuvenated and buzzing with energy.

So make sure you set aside time to enjoy her 1st Show and 2nd Show with Anthony and Steven Babino on Alive with Clive!

Best regards.

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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