On Alive with Clive: Invoking a Multitude of Different Musical Influences, Dynamic Singer-Songwriter, Tatiana Lima, Impresses with Songs That Reflect a Diverse Range of Musical Genres!

As the daughter of a father who was born in Brazil and a mother of Ukrainian descent, singer-songwriter, Tatiana Lima, has been exposed to a diverse range of customs, lifestyles, cultures and genres of music ever since her parents placed a guitar in her hands at the age of 2.

Tatiana Lima on Alive with Clive, 1st of 2 Shows

Since then, she’s grown up absorbing the musical styles of such notable artists as Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette, Melissa Etheridge, Janis Joplin, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Gloria Trevi, Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, Beyoncé, John Legend, John Meyer, Matt Corby, Marc Broussard, Amy Winehouse, and Kelly Clarkson, as well as many Brazilian artists.

Now, as a result, with coaching from two-time Tony-Nominee Broadway Star and Performer, Vivian Reed, her songs reflect a diverse range of genres from rock to pop, fused with classical, folk, jazz, bossa nova and blues influences.

And it is her ability to write and perform songs that cover this broad range of genres that makes her the outstanding unique and dynamic singer-songwriter she has become.

Tatiana Lima on Alive with Clive, 2nd of 2 Shows

Her talent has not gone unnoticed, in that she’s:

  • Been featured on multiple Television and Radio Stations in America, South America and Europe;
  • Appeared at numerous venues and events, including the Hoboken International Film Festival, Brazilian Day in New York City, and as a featured artist on Telemundo;
  • Performed arias for dignitaries;
  • Worked with Erben Perez, renowned bassist for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and Jerry Ramos, sound engineer for Beyoncé;
  • Received recognition from American Idol with her song, “Need You Tonight,” which made the top 20 out of 25,000 entries submitted for the Finale Song (of the Final Season); and
  • Earned numerous other distinguished accolades on her way to becoming, in the words of Jane Getter, formerly the guitarist for Saturday Night Live, “an important figure in the rock world!”
“Tatiana’s vocal range, musical talent and songwriting ability continue to mesmerize audiences, leaving them spellbound!”~ Dr. William Riley, Celine Dion’s Vocal Coach and Voting Member of The Grammy Awards 

In two recent shows on Alive with Clive, sporting one of her trademark turbans in the 1st Show and an adorable floppy felt fedora in the 2nd Show, accompanied by music producer, Gary Coach, Tatiana performed these seven songs:

1st Show
2nd Show
  1. “Eu Quero Voce”
  2. “Just Leave Me”
  3. “Forever”
  4. “Not Your Type”
  1. “I’m Tired”
  2. “Better Off Without You”
  3. “The Snow”

Taking listeners on a journey through different phases of and emotions induced by relationships with friends, as well as potential and former lovers:

In the 1st Show, “Eu Quero Voce” is about wanting to be with someone in particular; “Just Leave Me” is a reaction to the discovery of infidelity; “Forever” is a lament that a relationship that has ended; and “Not Your Type” is about resolving to stay the way you are and not change who you are to please someone else.

And in the 2nd Show, she performed “I’m Tired,” a song for when you realize you don’t want to be in a relationship that isn’t working anymore; “Better Off Without You,” for when you feel empowered after you’ve ended a relationship; and “The Snow,” in which feelings of loneliness in the midst of a snowy winter in New York City are tinged with both fond and upsetting memories of a relationship that was short-lived.

Tatiana Lima with Gary Coach on Alive with Clive, 2nd Show

Whether you’re a lover of rock, pop, folk, jazz, blues, bossa nova or soul, you’re sure to enjoy getting to discover, connect with and be inspired by Tatiana Lima in her 1st Show and 2nd Show on Alive with Clive!

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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