On Alive with Clive: Poised, Graceful, Quietly-Powerful and Soothingly-Enchanting Singer-Songwriter, Jean Lee, Impresses with Universally-Relatable Songs to Move the World!

The shows you’re about to see featuring Jean Lee, a classically-trained pianist, are the culmination of almost a decade’s worth of effort she has devoted to honing her talent and skill as a singer-songwriter.

Jean Lee on Alive with Clive sings songs to move the world

Jean recently appeared in two shows on Alive with Clive with guitarist, Jonathan Ng, and performed these seven songs during her two shows:

1st Show 2nd Show
  1. “The Other Side”
  2. “Walls”
  3. “Move On Over”
  4. “Love Will Find A Way”
  1. “Gray”
  2. “Bring Back”
  3. “So Much More”

While three of the songs in the 1st Show – “The Other Side,” “Walls” and “Love Will Find A Way” – revolve around the dynamic that occurs or is not occurring in personal relationships, “Move On Over” is a masterfully-crafted melodic instruction to fear to step aside since courage is showing up to demonstrate its mastery over fear!

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All three songs in the 2nd Show are also outstanding works of creation in which Jean thoughtfully tackles subjects of universal interest – with “Gray” giving inspiration to persist in the absence of clear results; “Bring Back” providing a reminder to have love for each other be the driving power for humanity; and “So Much More” directing our thoughts to the principle that the road to fulfillment is paved with big dreams!

All these songs to move the world are imbued with excellence, and you will most definitely enjoy discovering, connecting with and being inspired by Jean, who is about to release her debut EP, “Gray,” as you watch her two shows with Jonathan Ng on Alive with Clive.

Jonathan Ng performing on Alive with Clive

After you watch these shows, be sure to enter the New Shows Contest to win an Alive with Clive Mug and join Jean and Jonathan on the Web page devoted exclusively to Alive with Clive Mug Shots!

Guitarist, Jonathan Ng, with Singer-Songwriter, Jean Lee, on Alive with Clive

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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