On Alive with Clive: Meet All Types of Kinds – By Far One of the Most Exciting, Invigorating and Mesmerizing Bands to Have Emerged in This Millennium So Far

The spark for its creation in its first iteration was ignited at Lucky Jack’s on the Lower East Side in New York City a few years ago.

It was there that Ray Rubio first saw Billy Conahan perform, and as soon as he did he knew immediately that he wanted to collaborate with Billy.

Then, after a few shows with drummer, Berk O, Ray and Berk began to perform with Billy and started the band that is now known as All Types of Kinds.

They were subsequently joined by bass player, Rocco Stroker.

All Types of Kinds on Alive with Clive

Now, with songs on Spotify, including an EP with four songs – Love Songs (Or Songs for Your Ex) – as well as “Colorblind” and “Game of Telephone,” and more songs on the way, this extraordinary band has steadily been building a following that is about to grow exponentially!

With four passionate, charismatic, fun-loving, witty and street-smart singer-songwriters from New York City and Connecticut, All Types of Kinds, as its name implies, is an alternative rock-hiphop-pop-folk-blues-jazz band.

All Types of Kinds Band Members on Alive with Clive

Rather than adapt to music industry influences to achieve rapid mainstream success, the members of the band have resolved to remain in the driver’s seat to control the music they create, so as to remain true to their core essence, and are doing whatever they can to share their songs with music lovers all over the world. Thus, . . .

All Types of Kinds is a band of innovative mavericks that won’t be pigeonholed into any current musical genre, and is creating one it can call its own — perhaps in the future to be known as #atokfusion — with catchy hooks, magnificent harmonies and riveting rap segments. In short, this band is phenomenal!” ~ Clive Swersky, Host and Producer, Alive with Clive

If you’re the kind of music fan who likes to have a frame of reference for the sound of a band before you listen to its songs or go to see it perform at a music festival, imagine the sound you’d hear if Train, Sting, Imagine Dragons and Eminem decided to form a band and create songs together.

In the two shows featuring All Types of Kinds on Alive with Clive, the first and third songs the band performed are on its EP, Love Songs, and of the remaining six only “Colorblind” is also currently available on Spotify.

Here are the lists of the songs All Types of Kinds performed in the band’s two shows on Alive with Clive:

1st Show
2nd Show
  1. “Keep in Touch”
  2. “Colorblind”
  3. “A Name That I Know”
  4. “IKEA Shelf”
    1. “The River Song”
    2. “Acquaintances”
    3. “Fuse Together”
    4. “Just Fly”


In the 1st Show:

  • “Keep in Touch” is about wrestling with the emotions and sentiments that arise after you realize you don’t want to completely rule out communication with your ex in the future;
  • “Colorblind” is about feeling remorseful after not seeing the full potential in a person or relationship;
  • “A Name That I Know” is based on the metaphor that a home is very important and creating a loving relationship is like building a home; and
  • “IKEA Shelf” is about the hidden nuances and implications of building shelves for someone.

“How could I not pick up on these signs?
You were a rainbow, I was colorblind”
~ from “Colorblind”

Scenes from All Types of Kinds on Alive with Clive

In the 2nd Show:

  • The underlying theme of “The River Song” is that while life may not always go as planned, we can always go with the flow;
  • “Acquaintances” shines a light on whether people we know qualify as friends or are merely acquaintances;
  • In “Fuse Together” we’re given a reminder of the ways in which technological advancements have an impact on the way we live our lives and interact with one another; and
  • “Just Fly” is a fabulous invigorating song that will lift your spirits whether or not you need to feel energized when you hear it.

“If you miss your boat, you just float;
If you miss your plane, you just fly.
Just because I don’t got the car,
don’t mean I don’t got the drive”
~ from “Just Fly”

After you see the 1st Show and the 2nd Show featuring All Types of Kinds on Alive with Clive, this band will most definitely leave you gasping in awe – and may even cause you to levitate, if not physically, then at least emotionally!

You’ll want to see All Types of Kinds live at one of its upcoming shows as soon as possible.

In the meantime, though, don’t waste any time and don’t wait any longer to see All Types of Kinds on Alive with Clive now!

Best regards.

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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