On Alive with Clive: Spiritually-Uplifting Singer-Songwriter, Carolee Rainey, Emerges from Solitude to Feel Fearless and Share Her Soulfully-Stirring Songs with the World!

The tide goes out and the tide comes in.

The seasons change.

And now, like a beautiful flower that is blooming in the spring, a singer-songwriter who had until recently been immersed in a different art form for a long time has re-emerged.

That singer-songwriter is Carolee Rainey – and her re-emergence incorporates a new outlook, a deeper perspective, and a passionate yearning to share her new songs with the world!

Carolee Rainey with her EP, Feel Fearless, on Alive with Clive

“Long ago in an earlier lifetime of performing,” she mentions on her Web site, “I did a lot of busking, playing bars, hotels and cruise ships. There were publishing deals, almost record deals, voice overs in movies and a job as A&R for Atlantic Nashville out of LA. It was a wild and rambling time.”

Then, she withdrew from the music world to immerse herself in painting and photography for an extended period – until her passion to write songs and perform was once again re-ignited during a Rickie Lee Jones concert.

Carolee soon found herself engaged in writing dozens of songs to select six for her debut EP, Feel Fearless, and her subsequent record, to be released within the next 18 months.

“Evoking comparisons with Stevie Nicks, the songs on [Carolee Rainey’s] potent debut mini-album [Feel Fearless] reflect inspirational and empowering messages lyrically. The music is solid, strongly singable, and will delightfully lodge in listeners internal musical repertoire for a long time.” ~ Diversions LA, February 2018

Carolee Rainey with Thad DeBrock and Spencer Cohen on Alive with Clive, 1st of 2 Shows

In two shows on Alive with Clive, accompanied by guitarist and keyboard player, Thad DeBrock (the guitarist on Feel Fearless), and percussionist, Spencer Cohen, Carolee performed these six songs, four of which are on Feel Fearless:

1st Show
2nd Show
  1. “Deal with the Devil”
  2. “Feel”
  3. “Mystic Rose”
    1. “Camille” (new)
    2. “The Hustle” (new)
    3. “Listen to the River Sound”

In the 1st Show:

  • “Deal with the Devil” is a song about the frustration of attempting to communicate with someone who is uncommunicative;
  • “Feel” is a call for us to express our feelings instead of keeping them bottled up inside; and
  • In “Mystic Rose,” Carolee says what she wants to say to someone anonymous with whom she is having an imaginary conversation.

“You wanna live, you gotta feel
There’s no escapin’ keepin’ it real
Things happen, you gotta deal
The secret of life is to fearlessly feel”
~ from “Feel”

Carolee Rainey on Alive with Clive, 2nd of 2 Shows

In the 2nd Show:

  • “Camille” is dedicated to inspiring and extraordinary deceased French sculptor and graphic artist, Camille Claudel, who was the lover and co-worker of sculptor, Auguste Rodin;
  • “The Hustle” gives us reminders of characteristics unique to New York City in a song; and
  • “Listen to the River Sound” is a recommendation to be so aware of the sounds of nature that we use it to guide our intuition.

“Listen to the river sound….
Trust your soul to fly
Nobody cares why….
What’s it saying?
Is it speaking to you?…
There’s some kind of wizard here
That electrifies my every move….
Listen to the river sound
” ~ from “Listen to the River Sound”

After you watch the 1st Show and 2nd Show featuring Carolee Rainey accompanied by Thad DeBrock and Spencer Cohen on Alive with Clive, you’re bound to not only feel a close spiritual connection to Carolee and all she is creating with her music, but also be enthused and inspired to unleash and express passions that have been lying dormant within you.

So, click the links see her two shows on Alive with Clive as soon as possible!

Best regards.

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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