On Alive with Clive: The Ruckert’s Honor Their Mentor, Ann Ruckert, with Timeless Songs That Keep Her Spirit Alive!

If musician and music mentor, Ann Ruckert, who died in 2015, were still alive today, she would be so proud of The Ruckert’s!

Ann Ruckert

“Ann Ruckert was a professional singer, music coordinator, and educator. For over twenty years she served on the board of Jazzmobile, an educational outreach program that brings jazz concerts into neighborhoods worldwide. In conjunction with the Jazz Foundation of America, she initiated a program to send musical instruments to New Orleans musicians whose homes were decimated by Katrina. For the past dozen years, Ann led a monthly songwriters’ circle at the Red Lion in Greenwich Village. Ann was also a staunch patron of civil rights causes. She participated in the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March and was a founding sponsor of the Washington, D.C. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation.” ~ Saint Peter’s Church, Ann Ruckert Jazz Memorial, February 2, 2015, http://saintpeters.org/events/detail/1678/details/

The Ruckerts, 1st Show on Alive with Clive

The Ruckert’s is a band of five of her students – Bruce Gordon, Regi Ransdell, husband and wife Larry and Lisa Rosenberg, and Karl Thomas.

They met while studying music theory, composition and performance under Ann Ruckert’s watchful tutelage.

To express their reverence and gratitude for the contribution Ann Ruckert made to their lives, they’ve named their band The Ruckert’s.

In prior years before the formation of The Ruckert’s, the members of the band were writing and recording music in the New York City area, and performed at many of the most notable venues for live music in New York City.

Ann Ruckert taught them that there is “strength in numbers” and “being with like-minded people helps you progress quicker,” so they made the decision to combine their talents and musical influences — which include Blues, R&B/Soul, Pop, Funk, Classic Rock, Folk, Latin, Reggae and Bossa Nova — and form The Ruckert’s.

Each show of The Ruckert’s reflects a tightly-choreographed blend of their different styles of music – with each member sometimes singing lead, sometimes background harmonies and switching instruments depending on the song.

The result, brought to life with a multitude of different instruments, is an authentically-enchanting ensemble of personalities, genres and harmonies – steeped in years of passion, dedication and learning – that is to be cherished and revered!

In two shows on Alive with Clive, The Ruckert’s performed these eight songs:

1st Show
2nd Show
  1. “Girl on the A-Train”
  2. “She Wants to Sing”
  3. “Love at First Sight”
  4. “Believe in Love Again”
  1. “Reggae Beat”
  2. “Until I See You Again”
  3. “What Color Is Love”
  4. “Yours”

Bruce sings lead vocals on “Girl on the A-Train,” a song about the thoughts you might have about people you see when you ride on the subway, and “She Wants to Sing,” about a woman who puts her passion for singing on the shelf to fulfill her duties as a wife and mother.

Lisa takes the lead for two sassy songs about love, “Love at First Sight” and “What Color Is Love.”

Larry is at the helm for a song that will transport you to a tropical island to the groove of a “Reggae Beat.”

And Regi is lead vocalist for “Believe in Love Again,” a song for anyone who might have given up on love; “Until I See You Again,” which is dedicated to his great grandmother and Ann Ruckert; and “Yours,” which he described as a fun funky song.

In keeping their passion for music alive over the years notwithstanding the demands and challenges of everyday life, The Ruckert’s are – joyfully and delightfully – making sure that the loving and nurturing spirit of their mentor, Ann Ruckert, continues to endure!

You’re thus destined to be transported into a state of joy by discovering, connecting with and being inspired by The Ruckert’s in their 1st Show and 2nd Show on Alive with Clive!

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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