On Alive with Clive: With a Fusion of Alternative Rock Influences Powered by Alien Intelligence and Earthly Ancestral Wisdom, Impressive Blue Alien Mystic Creates a Musical Experience That Is Simply Terrific!

When you first encounter Blue Alien Mystic, the first word that comes to mind is . . .

Extraterrestrial - definition

You instantly become intrigued. . .

And you develop a yearning to discover what this band is all about, . . .

Just like an explorer wanting to uncover the mysteries of outer space!

Whether it’s . . .

  • because of decades of being secretly immersed in the world of rock bands;
  • because of being an astute observer of the different trends in rock music that have appealed to fans over the years here on planet Earth;
  • because of a fascination with ufo’s, aliens, and outer space;
  • because of regular visits to Rise Above Floatation in Mount Kisco, New York, for a unique floatation experience involving sensory deprivation in total darkness that has been described as “kind of like having a psychedelic trip without taking drugs”;
  • because he himself may be an alien disguised as a human who arrived on Earth in a ufo when no one was looking; or
  • because of all these factors combined . . .

in collaboration with smooth bass player and vocalist, Doug Franck, and ace drummer, Jonny Gutters, . . .

founder and frontman of Blue Alien Mystic, Barry Mangione, has created a band that seems to be extraterrestrial – and is truly extraordinary!

Barry Mangione from Blue Alien Mystic on Alive with Clive

Formed, seemingly hastily, out of a commitment to fill a slot at a gig scheduled on September 3, 2016, but nevertheless with a great deal of thought, foresight and mental preparation, Blue Alien Mystic has already released two EPs, each with four songs, First Contact in 2017, and The Universe Is Mental, in 2018.

Blue Alien Mystic on Alive with Clive

The music of the band is available on all major streaming and download platforms.

It is also available, together with videos of performances featuring the band, on a stick drive concealed in the band’s mascot, a cute character that looks like an alien known as BAM – seen in the definition of extraterrestrial above and photobombing the picture below.

Blue Alien Mystic on Alive with Clive

This cute mascot came to be known as BAM when it made its appearance on Alive with Clive, and you can become a member of the growing BAM Fam by acquiring your BAM when you see Blue Alien Mystic perform at one of the band’s upcoming shows.

Blue Alien Mystic is based in Westchester, New York, and you can find a list of the band’s upcoming shows after you click on TOUR here.

In Blue Alien Mystic’s 1st Show on Alive with Clive, the band performed three of its newest songs, and a song from The Universe is Mental.

Blue Alien Mystic on Alive with Clive, 1st of 2 Shows

In its 2nd Show, the band performed two songs from First Contact and two songs from The Universe Is Mental.

As you listen to the songs, it will quickly become apparent that they are imbued with a great deal of wisdom and insight, and you will find yourself becoming immersed in rich philosophical questions about life in general and your life in particular that require introspection and discussion.

“With songs and lyrics this good, you begin to wonder if Blue Alien Mystic actually has arrived from another planet!” ~ Clive Swersky, Host and Producer, Alive with Clive

Here are the lists of the songs Blue Alien Mystic performed in the band’s two shows on Alive with Clive:

1st Show
2nd Show
  1. “Enjoy the Ride” (new)
  2. “Love and Space and Time”
  3. “Wish You Well” (new)
  4. “Will” (new)
  1. “Savior Self” [FC]
  2. “Love Is”
  3. “The Other Side of Space”
  4. “Something More Than This” [FC]

In the 1st Show:
  • “Enjoy the Ride” is a reminder that it is futile to resist change, which is inevitable, so we might as well embrace it and “Enjoy the Ride”;
  • “Love and Space and Time” is a song to express gratitude for a fulfilling relationship;
  • “Wish You Well” is about realizing the benefits a tumultuous relationship provided after you move on from it; and
  • “Will” is about having the faith to persevere in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.

“You’ve got the will
You’ll find the way
Keep pushing your way up that hill
You’ve got the will
You’ll find the way
Always have and you always will
Maybe the reason you haven’t given up yet
Is deep down inside, you know you believe in yourself”
~ from “Will”

Blue Alien Mystic on Alive with Clive, 2nd of 2 Shows

In the 2nd Show:

  • “Savior Self” is a call to remind you to be true to yourself and not be distracted by the influence or agendas of others;
  • “Love Is” embodies the astute observation that imperfections exist not in love itself, which is perfect, but in humans seeking to experience love;
  • “The Other Side of Space” is a song to inform factions with differing views that, with faith and empathy, harmony is within reach; and
  • “Something More Than This” is about making us cognizant of the quest for self-actualization so it continues to stay alive and thrive.

“Maybe we were made for something more than this
Maybe only tombs are carved in stone
What if all the answers are written all around us
And we just stand here staring at our phones?” ~ from “Something More Than This”

If you take another look at the headline to this Blog post, you’ll see that it says . . . Blue Alien Mystic Creates a Musical Experience That Is Simply Terrific!

That statement taken in a literal sense is entirely accurate, whole and complete.

Embedded within the adjective, Musical, though, are two hidden meanings that apply to Blue Alien Mystic:

First, as noted during the 2nd Show, it is a band that is likely to remind you of the band, Muse, so it could be said that Blue Alien Mystic Creates a Muse-ical Experience That Is Simply Terrific!

Second, Blue Alien Mystic is itself like a “muse,” in the sense that after you listen to the band, you feel like you’ve been inspired by a personified force of inspiration!

In short, listen closely to the lyrics as you watch the 1st Show and the 2nd Show featuring Blue Alien Mystic on Alive with Clive, and watch the shows as soon as possible.

Your life will most definitely be enriched by the Mystical Muse-ical Experience!

Best regards.

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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