On Alive with Clive: With Enchanting Songs about Love and Relationships, Zerena Demonstrates Why She Is One to Watch!

When she made her debut on Alive with Clive in December of 2012, Zerena was a shy yet confident 13-year old bursting with talent, a passion for singing and songwriting, a keen awareness of the psychological dynamics involved in relationships, and a distinct ability to write catchy songs.

Now, in 2017, Zerena has returned to Alive with Clive with another eight enchanting songs that demonstrate she is fulfilling the potential that was so evident five years ago.

Zerena on Alive with Clive on July 10, 2017, 1st Show

From her home base in Yorktown Heights, New York, Zerena began to write poetry and music in her formative years.

Although she is currently a sophomore at Manhattan College studying Business Analytics, creating music continues to be her core passion.

She is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), and has been added to its list of “One’s to Watch” for several of her original songs.

She’s performed at several of the premier venues for live music in New York City (such as The Bitter End, Webster Hall and The Apollo Theater) and in Nashville (including The Bluebird Café, The Nashville Palace and The Commodore Lounge), and regularly releases new songs to the delight of her growing fanbase.

Zerena on Alive with Clive on July 10, 2017, 2nd Show

During her two recent shows recorded on July 10, 2017, on Alive with Clive, Zerena performed these eight songs:

1st Show
2nd Show
  1. “Don’t Fool Me Now”
  2. “Different”
  3. “Pyramid”
  4. “Take a Chance on Me”
  1. “When You’re Young”
  2. “Bad Boy”
  3. “Friction”
  4. “Free Falling”

These songs cover a wide array of emotions experienced by any one engaged in entering, staying in or experiencing the end of relationships – from trusting and hoping it will work out in “Don’t Fool Me Now”; to what you’d do “Different” if you’d start all over again; to being grateful that the relationship is as solid as a “Pyramid”; to hoping someone will “Take a Chance on Me”; to dealing with reality that is a harsh unexpected departure from the fantasy of Disney movies in “When You’re Young”; to having a friend who is obsessed with bad boys; to becoming empowered by rejection in “Fiction”; to finding yourself in the arms of the one you love in “Free Falling” – and all have universal appeal.

For those who like to take a trip down memory lane, here are the links to the clips on YouTube of the four songs Zerena performed on Alive with Clive on December 10, 2012:

  1. “Hopeless”
  2. “Me Myself and I”
  3. “Bear in a Bikini”
  4. “Call Me”

When you watch Zerena’s 1st Show and 2nd Show recorded on July 10, 2017, on Alive with Clive, you’re destined to be captivated by her charm and the sound of her songs!

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1st Show | 2nd Show

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