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Jason Moore, If You've Ears to Hear

On Alive with Clive: With Imaginative Songs That Provide a Rich and Rewarding Listening Experience, Singer-Songwriter Jason Moore Knocks on the Door to Gain Admission to the Room Reserved for the Legends!

If you like to discover, connect with and be inspired by singer-songwriters who have the ability to perform songs that leave you gasping in admiration, you definitely want to become acquainted with Jason Moore and his songs! Ja...

Emily Angell, Lighthouse

On Alive with Clive: Dedicated and Passionate Singer-Songwriter, Emily Angell, Shines with Songs about Life, Love, and Heartache, and Songs That Inspire!

With an unquenchable thirst to express her musical talent through her own original songs and cover songs, Emily Angell is a singer-songwriter you most definitely want to watch! Combining what many would regard as a grueling wor...

Jean Lee on Alive with Clive

On Alive with Clive: Poised, Graceful, Quietly-Powerful and Soothingly-Enchanting Singer-Songwriter, Jean Lee, Impresses with Universally-Relatable Songs to Move the World!

The shows you’re about to see featuring Jean Lee, a classically-trained pianist, are the culmination of almost a decade‚Äôs worth of effort she has devoted to honing her talent and skill as a singer-songwriter. Jean recen...

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